Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary also known as Kondakarla Ava is a famous Lake and Bird Sanctuary at the foothill of Eastern ghats comprising a unique and endangered forest type, situated about 30 kms from Visakhapatnam (Vizag) city.

This fresh water natural lake is home to many birds, adding colour to the tourist spot and one of the main spot for photographers and nature lovers. The sanctuary is in rural area, it is known for fishing and an enchanting view of the nature and the birds floricking around the lake.

It is advisable to take the necessary equipments as there are no amenties around the lake as it is in a rural backdrop. The main attraction of the Kondakarla ava is the boat rides in the natively prepared small boats made by the villagers and the local fishermen. While boating one can flock lotus flowers from the water or capture some amazing stills of the birds and the surrounding. There is no fixed charges for the boating, it may vary around Rs. 300 per hour.

The sanctuary is place for the wet evergreen forest type with species like Shell Ducks, Cotton Teals, Northern Pin Tails and Asian Open Bills, Typha angustata, Nymphoides indica, Azolla filiculoides, Pistia stratiotes are also found here. There is a temple of Lord Venkateswara over hill at the other side of the lake. And it gives a panoramic view of the entire surrounding from the top of the hill.

The best time to visit the Kondakarla ava Bird Sanctuary is during the winter seasons(October to December) as it the bird sesaon. And the sanctuary is open during timings 9 AM to 5 PM everyday.