Arossim beach is one of the beaches on the coast line of the Indian Ocean. It is located at a distance of 12 kms from the main city nearby that is Vasco Da Gama. It is situated in the Salcette region in South Goa.

Arossim beach is one of the most peaceful beaches on the Indian coastline and every year it successfully draws many tourists to itself. The beautiful white sand, dense green palm trees and the multi-colour fishing boats along the shore all makes it a centre of attraction. Neighbouring extension in the north are Cuelim and Cansaulim beach and to its south are two world famous beaches: Utorda and Majorda. "The Starfish" shack is the only shack present there in the middle of the beach which has a great staff and provides great service in terms of food and drinks. One should try the crabs, red-snapper and the Great Banyan White wine. You can walk till infinity with clean never ending beautiful landscape in the shadow of the tress.

The beach does not have much water-sports, but there exists some activities like je skiing and parasailing from mid-October to mid-April. There are some places where you can rent bikes and ride them along the midst of the beach. The beach is open daily. It is safe to swin during the non-monsoon time and that only between 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.