Naopukhuri Park is situated at the South-Eastern corner of Tinsukia Town, in the state of Assam.

Naopukhuri Park is the park around the Na-Pukhuri tank which The Tinsukia District Administration has developed into an amusement park and a tourist spot. A 400 m long tiled pathway and 1200 m of pucca jogging pathway has been constructed along with placement of a number of playing equipment. The park also has a triple cascade fountain in its central area. Apart from its glorious cultural and historical background, the attraction of the place is enhanced by adding modern facilities like swimming, water sports or luxury boating for visitors and tourists.

People ideally spend 1 to 2 hours in The Naopukhuri Park enjoying the abundant greenery of the place, jogging, swimming or simply sitting with their family and enjoying the calm ambience. The best time to visit The Naopukhuri Park is the winter season. It is suggested to visit the park anytime between the months of October and March. Monsoon season is also a lovely time to visit the park while the summer season should be avoided, as the climate is hostile.

One must visit The Naopukhuri Park to enjoy the greenery and calmness of the place. There are no specific timings to visit the park and there is no entry fee.