Situated in the heart of Solapur, Sambhaji Lake is a prominent tourist attraction in Solapur.

Also called as Kamar Talab, Sambhaji Lake was initially named after Kamar, the daughter of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. After the Mughals were ousted out of power, the locals renamed it as Sambhaji Lake, in fond memory of the Maratha leader Sambhaji.

Sambhaji Lake boasts of an evergreen ambience. The climate there is moderated by the lake's ecosystem, making it a great place to visit, all round the year. The Pune international airport is well connected to all major cities, making the lake's home city Solapur equally accessible all round the year.

While the lake is open all day, the best time to visit would be around 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. It is advised to carry plenty of drinking water on your way to Sambhaji Lake. Also, please ensure your vehicles are PUC compliant, as traffic police are known to conduct a thorough examination of all vehicles. The breathtaking view of the lake is after all, worth it.