The Namdang Bridge (Namdang Xaku) is a beautiful historic bridge situated in the state of Assam. It is located at a distance of 12. 1 km from Railway Station Road in Assam near Sivasagar.

The Namdang Bridge was constructed during the reign of Ahom King Rudra Singha in the year 1703 by a Bengali craftsman. The bridge connects Sibsagar town to Jorhat and other districts in the west. It is frequently visited by the tourists and is among the top favorite lists among the visitors. The bridge is made from a single piece of rock, which is a stunning fact to digest and its historic background are some of the fascinations which attract many tourists here. This place is suitable for all the age groups being very convenient to travel.

The Namdang Bridge being cut out or carved out form a single piece of rock and that too during those old days when hardly any facilities were available is in itself a construction worth admiring. Other than this a paste of Bora (sticky)rice, duck eggs, black lentils and lime was used to make the bridge and make it stronger. The bridge always faces some natural calamities like flood or earthquakes, the architectural work of the bridge is affected due to floods. But the point worth appreciating is that the bridge has hardly undergone renovation and is still standing well in full glory. People can easily spend around 1 hour here.

The Namdang Bridge is among the architectural heavens representing the worth of the ancient constructions and their long vision while planning things. This place is open on all the days and there no such specific timings to visit here.