The Maniharan Tunnel is one of the finest tourist spots in Assam representing Hindu culture and their faith in god. It is a place dedicated to Lord Krishna were people form various corners are seen here to offer their prayers and to worship their beloved deity.

The Maniharan Tunnel is considered to be a very holy spot by the Hindu community, as they consider that this tunnel was made during the time when Lord Krishna existed (a Hindu deity). They also consider that Lord Krishna passed through this tunnel i. e. they feel the existence of Lord Krishna in this tunnel. The tunnel, which lies atop the holy river Tribeni, also has the famous Maniharan temple in its premises which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. There is another temple present here with idols of Lord Ram, Lakshmana, Garura and Hanuman. Thus, this place is full of aesthetic environment and worship, as well as peaceful environment.

The Maniharan Tunnel during the festival period shines in full glory. Main festivals are celebrated here like Holi, Baruni, Diljatra and Shivratri during which the temple is heavily visited. Holi is one of the festivals which is celebrated here with full vigor and activities such as fun fair, gift stalls, etc. are seen here in large numbers. Other than that, for all these festivals tourists as well as locals are seen here in large numbers which is a beautiful site where the respect for this place and the values carried by this place is seen distinctly. People also visit here to bath in the water of the holy river Tribeni to gain the blessings of Lord Krishna. People can easily spend 2 hours here on any non-festival days.

The Maniharan Tunnel gives the feel of a rich background full of Indian culture and beliefs. The Maniharan Tunnel is open on all the days and there are no such specific timings for entry here. The best time to visit here is during the months of October to April.