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Arunachal Kali Bari Mandir, Silchar
5.1 kms from Silchar city limits

Arunachal Kali Bari Mandir is a holy shrine which is located in Ramnagar, Silchar. It is located at a distance of around 5. 1 kms from the city centre of Silchar.

Arunachal Kali Bari Mandir is a beautiful temple. The residing diety of this temple is goddess Kali. There is a small red coloured gate which leads to this temple. The building is of vibrant red colour which attracts the passers by. There are many holy trees present inside the temple premise, which are also worshipped by the devotees.

There is a small market which is very near the temple, therefore this temple wi...

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Within Silchar city limits

The Bhairab Bari temple was founded by Late Dr. Manindralal Das Kanungo and is located in Malugram of district Silchar, Assam. It is the oldest Goddess Kali Temple in the Malugram area and is not more than three kilometers from the city of Silchar.

The idol of Goddess Durga (Durga Maa) is very tall and beautifully decorated with jewellery and flowers. There are two sub temples inside the main temple, namely Mukti Mandir (in the name of Mother of Late Dr. Manindralal Das Kanungo – Smt. Mukti Dayini Das Kanungo) and Mokshada Mandir (in the name of the Father of Late Dr. Manind...

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Gandhi Park, Silcher
Within Silchar city limits

Gandhi Park is a very beautiful and one of the oldest parks in Silchar. Placed at the banks of a lake, it is located at Gandhi Park road, Tarapur, Silchar. This park is located near the heart of the city, Silchar.

Gandhi Park was named after the father of the nation- Mahatma Gandhi. This is one of the renowned parks of Silchar. It consists of the Shahid Minar, which is the memorial for eleven martyrs who died on 19th May, 1962 while protecting for the safety of their Bengali language from the then authorities of Assam. The minar is locted on a corner of the park, where there was th...

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A temple of The International Science of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is situated in Silchar. Located in Ambica Patty locality of Silchar, the temple is one of the many centres among many which were established following the founding of ISKCON in 1966.

The ISKCON temple in Silchar houses deities of Radha and Krishna, along with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu the pioneer of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. ISKCON belongs to monotheistic traditions which advocates philosophies based on Bhagavad Gita. Devotees at ISKCON follow the Bhakti yoga tradition to unite with god. The temple's architecture is bea...

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Janiganj Bazaar, Silchar
Within Silchar city limits

Janiganj Bazaar is located at the city centre of Silchar. As the name indicates, it is a shopping centre.

All the varieties of shops can be seen at Janiganj Bazaar. From clothes to electronics and artefacts, the place has all kinds of shops. The quality of the products may be compromised but the varieties are seen nowhere else. All kinds of shops – from pocket-friendly to highly priced branded shops – are available in the Bazaar. There are also many eateries nearby for the visitors. All the things are available at reasonable prices, though some bargaining will be of great he...

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Maniharan Tunnel
Within Silchar city limits

The Maniharan Tunnel is one of the finest tourist spots in Assam representing Hindu culture and their faith in god. It is a place dedicated to Lord Krishna were people form various corners are seen here to offer their prayers and to worship their beloved deity.

The Maniharan Tunnel is considered to be a very holy spot by the Hindu community, as they consider that this tunnel was made during the time when Lord Krishna existed (a Hindu deity). They also consider that Lord Krishna passed through this tunnel i. e. they feel the existence of Lord Krishna in this tunnel. The tunnel, whic...

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The Martyr's tomb in Silchar is a reminiscent of the Bengali Language Movement which occurred in the 1960s in Assam. The Movement was a protest against Assam Government's decision to make Assamese as the sole official language of the state, although a considerable proportion of the state used Bengali as their mother tongue. The memorial is located on the banks of a lake at Gandhi Bag in Cachar district.

The events dates back to April 1960, when Assamese got the official language status in the state leading to protests in areas dominated by Bengali speakers. A lot of families fled t...

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The Namdang Bridge (Namdang Xaku) is a beautiful historic bridge situated in the state of Assam. It is located at a distance of 12. 1 km from Railway Station Road in Assam near Sivasagar.

The Namdang Bridge was constructed during the reign of Ahom King Rudra Singha in the year 1703 by a Bengali craftsman. The bridge connects Sibsagar town to Jorhat and other districts in the west. It is frequently visited by the tourists and is among the top favorite lists among the visitors. The bridge is made from a single piece of rock, which is a stunning fact to digest and its historic backgro...