Badarpur Fort is located in the Karimganj district of Assam, about 30 kms from the city of Silchar. It was built in the Mughal era and was a part of the present day Sylhet district in Assam during the British rule and was a major railway and commercial hub. An elaborate restoration work is believed to attract more tourists at this place. The construction of the fort dates back to 18th century.

The actual name of the fort is Historical Fort. Located on the bank of river Barak, Badarpur Fort is an important tourist destination. It is a vintage fort built by Cachari King to spend some peaceful time on the bank of the Barak river. The fort is a part of very big structure. Many tall trees are present inside as well as surrounding the fort which keeps it cool. It is spread over a vast area and the view of the Barak river from here is extremely pleasant. The fort's architectural structure reveals a Mughal Provincial style as said by Karimganj Deputy. There were some small equipment for children to play inside but due to the poor maintenance of the fort, it is in ruins now.

This fort is located at crossroads of National Highway 44 and 58 and Badarpur Railway Junction and is of special interest to the tourists from Bangladesh as they have a shared history with the area.

A festival called Baruni Mela is celebrated at the bank of river Barak which can be enjoyed from the fort as one can get a clear view of the river from here.

No entry fee is charged to visit the Badarpur Fort. The best time to visit the fort is during winters as it will remain dry and cool. Rainy season deteriorates the condition of the fort and there is fear of many harmful insects and snakes as well.