Shimla is the capital of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, in the Himalayan foothills. Once the summer capital of British India, it remains the terminus of the narrow-gauge Kalka-Shimla Railway, completed in 1903. It’s also known for the handicraft shops that line The Mall, a pedestrian avenue, as well as the Lakkar Bazaar, a market specializing in wooden toys and crafts. Shimla is perhaps, the most famous hill station in India.

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Within Shimla city limits

A flat terrain in Shimla, Annandale has been developed as the playground of the city. It is located approximately 3 kilometers away from the Ridge and is used to play cricket and to organize picnics, Golf, and Polo.

Annandale is a serene location of Shimla replete with mesmerizing vistas, a sporty golf club, an Indian Army Museum, a Cactus museum and a tranquil aura to spellbind you with. It has been a playground for British in pre-independence times and is a central destination to travel around in Shimla. The playground is in a shape of a big, huge circle and organizes parades,...

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Arki Fort
39 kms from Shimla city limits

Arki Fort is an old fort which is located in Arki, Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 39 kms away from the citycentre of Shimla.

The Arki palace was built in around 1695 to 1700 with the aid of Rana Prithvi Singh, a descendent of Rana Sabha Chand. The castle was captured by the Gurkhas in 1806. Rana Jagat Singh, the ruler of Baghal had to take safe haven in Nalagarh. Throughout this era from 1806 - 1815, the Gurkha popular Amar Singh Thapa used Arki as his stronghold to make further advances into Himachal Pradeshas long way as Kangra. Arki became the capital of ...

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The Army Heritage Museum, one of the most popular and strategic tourism destination in Shimla is located in Annandale, approximately 16 minutes (3. 6 Km) from the city centre. It is within the city limits.

The Army Heritage Museum was set up in 2006 by the Army Training Command in Shimla. Nestled in the foot of dense forests of Shimla the museum is a place of historic importance. Highly maintained the museum showcases a variety of things reeling tourists with tales of selfless sacrifice, bravery and patriotism. Starting from the motto of the Indian Army inspired by Vedas, dress cod...

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Baba Bhalku Rail Museum in Shimla, are one of the few places that will help you understand how the railway system in India has been functioning over the years. The Baba Bhalku Rail Museum is located on the road that leads to Education Board and Rajdoot Hotel near Lalpani. It is located at a distance of 1. 5 kilometers from the main city in Mall Road, and takes 5 minutes to reach from Mall Road, using the Old Bus Stand Road. Local conveyances like auto-rickshaws and buses can be used to reach this museum. It is located near the Inter State Bus Terminus. As the museum is located located very clo...

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Bantony Castle in Shimla is one of the most beautiful structures, having a Jacobean architectural touch to it. Bantony Castle is located on Bantony Hill in Kalibari Raod, 12 minutes away via Cart Road or Mall Road from the main city center in Shimla.

The beautiful Bantony Castle is a part of the Bantony estate in the city of Shimla, that also includes the Bantony Cottage. The Bantony estate is basically a heritage site that was built as a normal estate during the British era. This estate has now been listed under the Heritage Zone of Shimla and is included in the Heritage Walk for ...

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BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir Shimla
Within Shimla city limits

BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir Shimla is a Hindu temple located in the vicinity of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Nestled in the serene laps of Shimla, the tourist attraction is barely 15 minutes away (by vehicle) from the heart of Shimla.

BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir Shimla is a beautiful temple which looks grand in all its glory, it also boasts of an ambience which can hardly be seen anywhere outside Shimla. It is clean and scenic in all aspects. The Mandir was born to accommodate the growing satsang sampradaya in Shimla.

The Mandir Murti Pratishtha Mahotsav is held to offer prayers...

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Covered with lush green surroundings, a altitude of about 2000 above sea level, Mindboggling all-wood construction, and way down at the valley flows the beautiful Satluj river, in just 180 kms from Shimla city center, Shri Bhima kali Temple is to-be visted place in Sarahan town Himachal Pradesh.

With a reputed age of over 800 years, Shri Bhima Kali Temple is one of the 51 shakti peeths. The first thing that you notice is unique architecture,A all-wood construction with a architectural design combination of Hindu and Buddhist Temple style. Bhima Kali temple is dedicated to goddess Dur...

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Situated amidst the dense Glen Forest, the Chadwick Falls is located at a distance of 7 kms from Shimla. Tourists can rent taxis to reach the falls inside the forest. Those exploring by self-driven vehicles can take the route to the fall via Cart Road and Chaura Maidan Road. Inside the forest, the path goes through a narrow lane and after a bit of trekking the sound of the trickling water guides explorers to the Falls. Lush green scenery, rocky paths,adventurous trekking and total peace and privacy are some of the wonderful features to be expected from the roads leading up to the waterfalls. <...

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Chapslee Palace, Shimla
Within Shimla city limits

A Magnifiscent piece of British Architecture, built between 1828 and 1835, the Chapslee Estate is one of the oldest and most beautiful estates in Shimla. The estate currently houses the Secretary's Lodge which is now a heritage hotel. The former summer residence of the late Honourable Raja Charanjit Singh of Kaputhala is now handled by his grandson.

Located just 3. 6 km from the Shimla city centre, adjacent to the Lakkar Bazaar, The Chapslee Estate situated right at the heart of Shimla. The Estate is currently a Boutique Hotel, Withholding its colonial heritages mated with all the...

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The Daulat Singh Park is located at the Ridge, Shimla. It is 6 km from city centre. It is within the city limits.

It is a small stretch of green lawn, maintained and administered by the Municipal Corporation. Beautiful and colorful flowers have been planted in circular patterns, around the fence of the park to further elevate the freshness . The park has a host of different and colourful flowers like red, white roses ,lavenders ,sunflowers and a block of Chinar trees. Its compound is occupied by two statues, one of Dr YS Parmar, the founder of Himachal Pradesh and another of Lt Ge...

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Dharanghati Sanctuary is located in Rampur Bushahr of Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 165 kms away from the city centre of Shimla.

Dharanghati Sanctuary is spread in an area of around 167 km sq, it was established in the year of 1962. It has undisturbed forest areas. Some of the animals observed here are Musk deer, Goral and Thar. The exceptional manner to discover the Sanctuary is to walk walking on the various trails that lead off from the background vintage-Hindustan Tibet road connecting Rampur Bushahar to Sarahan. The sanctuary maintains...

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Dhilon Pond Shimla
60 kms from Shimla city limits

Located 60 kms from Shimla, at a height of 7,467 feet above sea level, Dhilon Pond is situated in the valley of Kotkhai.

Dhillon Pond is a popular natural attraction. Nestling amidst picturesque environs of lush green forests, this pond is an ideal place of visit for nature lovers and peace seekers. It is believed that this natural water body also has a certain religious significance. Owing to the serenity and natural beauty of this site, it is visited by hordes of tourists throughout the year.

This is one place you can spend your leisure time while being in Shimla and the...

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Dorje Drak Monastery
8.2 kms from Shimla city limits

Dorje Drak Monastery is loctaed in Shanjauli, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 8. 2 kms away from the citycentre of Shimla.

Dorje Drak Monastery, additionally referred to as TDAC Nyingmapa Monastery is placed at Kasumpti. This monastery in Shimla is a well-known traveller place in the town. It is a home to the stunning Buddhist monastery that shows the best of Tibetan tradition within the state. The monks meditating within the monastery is quite a sight to observe. The calm ambience of this vicinity is a satisfaction for people searching for moments o...

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Durga Temple, Arki
38 kms from Shimla city limits

Durga Mata Mandir is a Hindu temple that is located at a distance of 38 kms from the Shimla city. Durga Mata Mandir is located at Akri Town. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is situated parallel to the Lutru Mahadev Temple.

The temple is Constructed in Shikhara Style architecture. It is located between Batal Ghati and Arki on the Kunihar-Solan Road. The temple recieves thousands of Hindu Devotees all-round the year. It is believed that by visiting this temple, the goddess will eliminate all the sufferings and release the devotee from all kinds of fear, filling devotees ...

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The Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex is a heritage building and was a centre for all the theatrical, cultural and literary events of the British. The complex is a Government building currently and renovated recently to conserve the building and protect its beauty. Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex is easily accessible by road from any part of Shimla. Since it is located barely 5 minutes away from Mall road, you can walk up to here.

Built in the Victorian or Gothic style of architecture over a century ago, the Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex is of immense historical and cultural sig...

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Gorton Castle is a beautiful mansion is located 1 km away from the Shimla Railway Station and 1. 5 km away from the Shimla Bus Stand. It is pretty easy to reach as it is located at the city center which is Mall Road. You can either walk till this beautiful mansion or take an auto or a local cab till the place, using Cart Road.

Gorton Castle being one of the primary heritage structures, sits on top of a hill spreading across an area of a dimension of 400 x 100 feet. Gorton Castle is a three-storeyed mansion and it holds approximately 125 rooms. Gorton Castle is completely surrounded...

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Grave Of Barog, Solan
51 kms from Shimla city limits

Grave of Barog is loctaed in Barog Village, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 51 kms away from the city centre of Shimla.

The history of the Barog Graves dates back to 20th century, the inspiration of narrow gauge Kalka-Shimla Railway was laid by Colonel Barog as in step with the orders of government. He started digging the tunnel from each sides of the mountain, that's quite commonplace because it hurries up production. At the same time as constructing the tunnel, a few errors within the calculation passed off, because of which ends of tunnel did no lo...

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Green Valley, Shimla
16 kms from Shimla city limits

The Green Valley is a beautiful natural dale located some 16 kms from Shimla station and falls on the NH 22 while enroute to Kufri. As the very name of the place suggests, the valley has a breathtaking green view, which forces each and every traveller to stop and appreciate its beauty.

Green Valley is known for its magnificence and is one of the favourite spots for the photographers. The place oozes beauty and is surrounded by Deodar and Pine trees on all sides. This pollution and commotion free area is also home to different animals and birds. At times, one can even witness yaks a...

19/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Gurkha Fort
46 kms from Shimla city limits

Located 46 kms from Shimla and 12 kms from Kuthar, Gurkha Fort is located on a small hillock with an altitude of 4500 in Subathu, near Kasauli in Solan district.

Gurkha Fort is situated in the remote corner of the city that has various other buildings of the British era. It is believed that this fort was built built in the beginning of 1900 AD by Gurkha Army Chief Amar Singh to fight against the British Army. The Subathu Gurkha Fort is now under the Indian Army's 14 Gurkha training centre.

The Gurkha fort still houses some cannons that are believed to be 181 years old. Thes...

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Gurkha Gate, Shimla
Within Shimla city limits

Gurkha Gate was built by British to honour the Gurkha clan for the safety of the British Empire and is located at the Chaura Maidan Road, Shimla. It is located 2-3 km away from the Shimla Railway Station. One can easily take a car or a bus to reach this place.

The building which is a gate structure is made up of stone and provides a great view to the people visiting there. It is the main gate for the Visceral Lodge which is guarded by guards living in the residential houses of the building.

The place is open to the tourists around the year but the best time to visit there i...

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Gurudwara Sahib, Shimla
6 kms from Shimla city limits

Guru Nanak Sahib was a humble bearer of light who years after his followers started calling themselves Sikhs, continues to spread God’s heavenly light. His temples are alluring destination for not just pilgrims but tourists too for their beauty and peace. One such place is the Gurdwara Sahib in Sanjauli, Shimla. The Gurdwara is located at a distance of 6 kms from Shimla city center.

Constructed in the year 1907 in the Padhawa Hills, it is a small construction with intricate detailing in the interiors which makes it a vital spot for pilgrims and tourists. One of the most famous Sh...

22/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Habban Valley
83 kms from Shimla city limits

Habban Valley is located in Rampur Bushahr of Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 83 kms away from the city centre of Shimla.

The Habban Valley is surrounded by forests of Deodar tree and is located on the hills of Sirmaur; a lush green village. Visitors also can discover large orchards of apples and peaches surrounding the valley. The wildlife here includes peacocks, deer, tiger, kastura and ghol. The climate is friendly and best all round the 12 months, it occasionally snows in Habban Valley. There are also various trails within Habban Valley w...

23/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Hatkoti Temples
99 kms from Shimla city limits

Hatkoti Temples is a historic temple which is loctaed in Hatkoti, Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 99 kms away from the city centre of Shimla.

Hatkoti Temple is located in a mysterious valley. It is believed to be a very old and ancient temple which is said to be built by Sri Adi Shankaracharya, during 3rd Century A. D. Hatkoi temple is a very famous temple. The temple structure is made of stone which is quite unusual in the area. The residing diety here is Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga, the incarnation of Mahisasurmardini is present here which is considered a...

24/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Hatu Peak
71 kms from Shimla city limits

Located in Himachal Pradesh, Hatu Peak is the second highest peak there with an elevation of 3400 m (11,152 ft) above sea level. It is nearly 71 kms away from Shimla and One can trek to the Hatu Peak from Narkanda which is an 8 km trek.

Enveloped in towering mountains, dotted with sweeping landscapes, and decorated with fir, maple, and cedar, it amazes nature lovers with stunning nature views. Standing tall at 12000 ft above sea level, it is the highest peak in the Shimla/Narkanda region that sees pleasant weather throughout the year. The way to Hatu peak is beautifully surrounded by...

25/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Hawa Ghar, Shimla
Within Shimla city limits

Hawa Ghar is located at Lakkhar Bazaar at the ridge of Shimla, which is basically an open place at an elevated point for some great sightseeing. Hawa Ghar is located approximately 1. 5 kilometres from Mall Road and will take 6 minutes to reach by local conveyances like buses and taxis.

Located in Lakkhar Bazaar, is one of the most charming places to be at in Shimla as it is pretty vintage in its looks and provides a beautiful sight to look at. Situated at an elevated point at the mall view point, Hawa Ghar is also known as the 'Mall View Balcony'. This beautiful location provides t...

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The Himachal Pradesh State Museum in Shimla is one of the greatest tourist attractions and one of the grandest structures in Shimla. Himachal Pradesh State Museum is located close to Mall Road and is only a 7-minute drive away from the city center. It is approximately 6 kms away from the city center and can be reached using a local auto-rickshaw or taxi.

The Himachal Pradesh State Museum consists a huge and dainty collection of paintings, various sculptures, coins, handicrafts, photos, not only belonging to the state of Himachal Pradesh but from other states as well. This museum ha...

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Himalayan Bird Park which is situated close to the heart of the city. Opposite the Viceregal Lodge's gate, the Himalayan Bird Park is the best place for bird spotting.

Initially Animals like deers and leopards were also kept here but after a fire in the aviary in 1982 it is only the birds which can be spotted at the Bird Park. Due to the huge presentation of rare variety of birds and and other species, this place have been a major attraction for the tourists. Birds like peafowl, pheasants, the Himalayan Monal (Himachal's state bird till 2007) can be easily spotted at the Himalayan ...

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Himalayan Nature Park
18 kms from Shimla city limits

The Himalayan Nature Park in the state of Himachal Pradesh is a popular tourist place for people who visit the city of Shimla. It is situated in Kufri, about 18 kms from Shimla at the altitude of 2,600 metres. The park is about 90 hectares of flora and fauna, the vegetation spread in the area like a blanket of beauty. It is a natural habitat for many wild animals of the Western range of the Himalayas.

The Himalayan Nature Park comprises of beautiful vegetation like the Fir Spruce and Oak formations and many Deodar and Pine trees clusters. The lovely green area turns to white during...

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Indian Institute of Advanced Study in Shimla is endearingly a work of skilled architecture and tells about the historical legacy of India that our British colonizers left. This masterpiece is now utilized as a research Centre but the monument is wonderfully preserved and every inquisitive tourist is proudly and warmly welcomed to explore the place and take a glimpse at the heritage of India that Shimla boasts itself of.

Indian Institute of Advanced Study is a well-known Indian research center and is a marvelous work of Scottish Architecture. The Inside of this monument is teak-pane...

30/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

The Jakhoo Temple in the city of Shimla is an ancient temple for Lord Hanuman. The word Jakhu is derived from the word Yaksha, who were believed to be the mythological creatures that were a link between humans and Gods. The temple is situated on the Jakhoo Hill, which is 2. 5 kilometres from Ridge, Shimla and 7. 3 kms from Shimla itself. The temple is at the height of 2,455 metres above sea level and a beautiful view of the Shivalik Ranges of Himalaya can be seen from the mountain.

The wondrous temple is a favourite spot for tourists, not just because of the lovely scenery but also...

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Jakhu Ropeway
Within Shimla city limits

The Jakhu Ropeway is a cable car service in the town of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. The Ropeway is a popular tourist place in the city because of its magnificent views of the Himalayan Hills. The distance of the Ropeway services from the main city of Shimla is just 5. 3 kilometers.

Shimla, the tourist town of the Himachal state got its first ropeway, which enables tourists to reach Jakhu Temple from the ridge in around 5 to 8 minutes. Earlier, one used to have climb or take a taxi ride from the ridge but the emergence of the ropeway has opened up easier and adventurous ride with sp...

32/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Johnnie's Wax Museum is a small collection of wax statues of famous personalities and fictional characters, ranging from Harry Potter and Messi to Obama and Gandhi Ji. This is near about 1. 3 kilometer from the center of the city Shimla. People must take 5 minutes to reach there by car.

Johnnie's Wax Museum opened as Himachal's first Wax Museum at the historic Willow Banks estate in capital city Shimla. Shimla's wax museum has 16 life size wax statues of popular personalities of the various field such as Bollywood, Sports, Hollywood, Politicians, Sports. The statues displayed at th...

33/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Nestled in the serene laps of Shimla, Jonang Takten Phuntsok Choeling Buddhist Monastery is a home to the spiritual and Buddhist monks. A tourist attraction, the monastery is barely 15 minutes away from the heart of Shimla.

The monastery is a reflection of Tibetan Buddhism and the same doctrine also guides its aims and duty as a monastery. Simply stating, the manager perseveres to improve the lives of children from remote areas, look after them and nurture them with quality education. Moreover, this monastery is open to and everyone willing to learn and practice the six-fold yoga a...

34/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Jubbal Palace
90 kms from Shimla city limits

Located on Jubbal Road, The splendid Jubbal Palace heritage site is just 90 kms away from the heart of the city Shimla and is easily accessible.

The main entrance to the Palace is through a massive wooden door about 18 feet high and 7 feet wide. It is covered with copper and studded with coins. The presence of terraced gardens and flawlessly trimmed Virginia vines within the complex greatly increases the exquisiteness of the palace. The Palace situated at an altitude of 7000 ft above sea level is one of the popular heritage sites in Himachal Pradesh. Old furniture and other artifacts...

35/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

The famous Kalibari Temple of Shimla is a popular tourist destination located in Jakhu Hill in close proximity to the Shimla city mall, and is dedicated to Goddess Kali, who is also known as Shyamala. The temple remains jam packed during Navaratras and Pooja holidays. This majestic temple was built in the year 1845 and it is from the name of the Goddess Shyamala that Shimla derives its name. It is set amidst the lush green forests of Shimla and offers a magnificent view of the Himalayas, and this is the reason why tourists love to explore this stunning hilltop.

The Kali Bari temple...

36/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Kalka - Shimla Railway
68 kms from Shimla city limits

The hilly route from Kalka to Shimla is best travelled by the 762 mm narrow railway called the Kalka - Shimla railway which overlooks beautiful villages and mountains in the area. It is at 68 kms from the main city of Shimla. This railway was built in 1898 to connect the summer capital of British India, Shimla with the rest of the Indian railways. The Kalka – Shimla railway is the perfect summer vacation destination for people who are looking for peace and simultaneous adventure for the mind, soul and of course, body.

The railway constitutes of 107 tunnels and 864 bridges. It is a ...

37/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Kamna Devi Temple Shimla
6 kms from Shimla city limits

The Kamna Devi Temple is a beautiful religious spot, located approximately 6 kms away from the Shimla hill station. The beautiful temple is surrounded by breathtaking mountains atop the Prospect Hill. This temple is built by Rana of Junga and it is a complete heaven for nature-lover or adventure-seeker, in search of a memorable experience.

Kamna Devi Temple is also known as Creeda Devi Temple. This small temple is situated on 'Prospect Hills' in Shimla. Kamna Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. It is believed that the Goddess blesses anyone who takes the journey up the hill. ...

38/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Kiala Forest
60 kms from Shimla city limits

Kiala Forest is a reserve forest located 60 kms from Shimla city.

Located on the outskirts of the crowded and busy town of Shimla, this place offers the beauty of unspoiled nature in the setting of Pine and Deodar forests. Graced with lush green vegetation and many indigenous animals, this forest is an ideal destination for the travellers. The forest is quite and dense and have cottages and villas to stay in between. The surrounding is quite peaceful. Its a great breakaway from the main markets and gives one the peace and quite surroundings. Its definately worth a visit particularl...

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20 kms from Shimla city limits

Located at an average elevation of 8607 feet, Kufri is a small hill station in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. Kufri is located 20 kms from Shimla and on the National Highway No. 22 which runs from Sonbarsa in Bihar to Chandwa in Jharkhand.

Kufri was founded by British in 1819. Kufri derives its name from 'Kufr' which means lake. It is famous amongst the trekkers as many treks to Manali, Shimla and others starts from here. Visitors can reach Kufri easily by road. The highest peak in Kufri is Mahasu Peak. The Shimla and Kufri region were once part of the Kingdom of Nepal until ...

40/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Kuthar Fort, at a distance of 52 kms from Shimla, is located in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. Kuthar Fort is about 800 years old and it is one of the main places to visit near Solan.

Kuthar Fort, which once served as the residence of the royal family of Kuthar, is a major place of interest at present. It's a fine example of Rajasthani architecture and is a true manifestation of Rajputana artistry. Its pillars, arches and gateways are beautifully carved. The resort, which is built within the fort premises, offers luxury amenities. From the fort, one can see the real beauty of ...

41/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Lakkar Bazaar Shimla
Within Shimla city limits

Lakkar Bazaar is a market place adjoining the Ridge, in Shimla. The Lakkar Bazaar is a popular amoung tourists visiting Shimla. It came into existence when Sikh carpenters from the Lehli Kalaun village in Hoshiarpur, in the 1900s migrated here.

This shopping Centre boasts of beautifully handicrafted wooden items and woolen clothes at pocket friendly prices. They are most famous for their highly stylized walking sticks which make beautiful gifts as well as a useful tool for avid hikers to wade through the windy roads and steep landscape. The wooden products are mostly made from deod...

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Majathal Sanctuary is situated on the Shimla-Bilaspur Highway at Solan district (Shimla). It is placed beautifully in the lap of Himalayan Terrains. It is located at a distance of 76 kms from Shimla.

Perched at an elevation of 1966 meters above sea level, Manjathal Sanctuary is one the most diverse sanctuary of Himachal Pradesh. The sanctuary is located in the western region of the Himalaya, and is spread over an area of 39. 4 sq km. The sanctuary is famous for its undulating and steep terrains. This sanctuary is considered as ideal spot for the trekkers and leisure backpackers....

43/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

The Mall road is the most famous and the main street of the beautiful city of Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. It was constructed during the British Raj and is very popular with tourists to visit and take a walk around the busy street. The road does not allow any automobile entry except the emergency vehicles. The Mall road is located below the level of the Ridge. The Mall road is within the city centre itself and a famous attraction for everyone.

The Mall road is the location for the head offices of the Municipal Corporation, the fire services and the police headquart...

44/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
13 kms from Shimla city limits

Mashobra is a small town located in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 13 kms away from the city centre of Shimla.

Mashobra is a very popular tourist destinations of Shimla. This town is connected to the state capital Shimla through the ancient Hindustan–Tibet street built in 1850 by Lord Dalhousie. Mashobra is a part of Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary. The natural plant life contains pine, oak, cedar or Himalayan deodar, and rhododendron, as well as maple and horse chestnut. The wildlife consists of monkeys, Langurs, jackals, kakkar...

45/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Mohan Shakti Heritage Park is located in Chambaghat, Solan, Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 44 kms away from the city centre of Shimla.

The Mohan Shakti heritage Park is an final vicinity to visit. This Park is North India's first ever historical heritage park. This historic park was built with the motive to sell Vedic Sciences as a topic of interest for the younger era and also to evangelise them approximately with the Indian lifestyle. Mohan Shakti background Park is the profound advent of Mr Kapil Mohan, Brigadier General of the Indian army by using profes...

46/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
65 kms from Shimla city limits

Narkanda is a township in the district of Shimla. Bounded by the Shivalik ranges the place is nestled around 65 kms away from Shimla. The beautiful Narkanda hill station is situated at an altitude of around 2700 meters and offers a stunning view of the lofty ranges of Himalayas. It is an ideal getaway for people who seek to relax in an undisturbed and tranquil location, far away from the bustling city life. The place is famous for its apple and peach plantations. The dense forests are always successful in attracting tourists who enjoy each and every moment walking in the dense thickets of the ...

47/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Pabbar Valley, Shimla
131 kms from Shimla city limits

Pabbar Valley is located 131 kms away from Shimla, in Rohru. The valley of the Pabbar River as it is called, is accessible from Theog which is on the Hindustan Tibet Road. Tourists can reach this place through a tourist bus or even hire a cab. Pabbar Valley is a great place for doing activities like trout fishing, sightseeing and as well as trekking.

Pabbar Valley is quiet ahead of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh and located in one of mountains that are not visited by tourists frequently. It is located among the most densely growing orchard belts of India that is also surrounded by appl...

48/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Ram Mandir, Shimla
Within Shimla city limits

Ram Mandir is a prominent Hindu temple situated in Ram Bazar, Shimla.

The entrance of the temple has very beautiful dashavtar statues of Lord Vishnu. Everyday a large number of people come here to have darshan of Lord Ram ji. One can attain peace of mind by visiting this temple. Ram Mandir has a big hall for worship and houses many beautiful statues of Lord Rama and other God and Goddess. A must visit for the followers. The temple has a very peaceful atmosphere. One can stay in Dharamshala and attend all the rituals like Aarti/Bhajan happen in the temple.

One can vis...

49/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Rani Jhansi Park, Shimla
Within Shimla city limits

Rani Jhansi Park also known as The Ladies Park which is almost attached to mall road. A 15-ft statue of Rani Lakshmi Bai horse riding statue is center of the park. Jhansi Ki Rani is a famous and revered leader of the freedom struggle against the British. Her boldness against the British is consummate till today. Rani Jhansi Park also has a children play area.

One can visit this place anytime in a year. Rani Jhansi Park can be visited during timings 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Entry is free. ...

50/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

The Rashtrapati Niwas in Shimla is also known as the Viceregal Lodge and it is located on the Observatory Hills of Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The building served as the residence of the British Viceroy of India during the British rule. The place is 4. 8 kilometres away from the main city of Shimla. The building is a beautiful work of architecture and an admirable sight for tourists.

The Rashtrapati Niwas or more appropriate in this context, the Viceregal Lodge was designed by the British architect Henry Irwin and built like a Jacobethan style building during the tenur...

51/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Rivoli Tunnel is a passageway located in the heart of Shimla making it incredibly convenient to switch flanks. It is within the city limits. It takes about 8 minutes (1. 8 Km) from Shimla railway station to Rivoli.

The Rivoli tunnel is an artificial underground passage built under the roads leading directly to Lower Bazaar, the shopper's haven of Shimla. The bazaar comprises of endless streets merging into one another, with shops selling almost everything at wholesale price. The tunnel makes commuting in Shimla easier and is used every day by the people. Rivoli tunnel has become an...

52/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

On the way up to the Jakhu Temple, one can view the 19th century mansion built for colonial reformer and ornithologist, A. O. Hume (1829-1912) that is famous by the name of 'Rothney Castle' which has a big significance in Indian History. The castle is spread over the 17. 500 square meters which is located near the central part of the capital city with just a distance of 5. 9 kilometers.

Rothney Castle comes under the Heritage Zone of Shimla because of its colonial significance adding with the natural beauty of the location. It was the house of A. O. Hume, the founder of Indian Nati...

53/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Located on the Kalka-Shimla Road, on the NH 22, Sankat Mochan Temple is one of Shimla's famous and most visited temples. The temple is mainly devoted to Lord Hanuman, but one can also find other idols as well like that of Lord Rama, Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva. The Sankat Mochan Temple is only 5 km from the town of Shimla and is considered a religious spot.

A temple with a long history is what can be said about this Sankat Mochan Temple. It is said that around 1950s Baba Neeb Karor Ji Maharaj came to this secluded, beautiful place and desired to set up a Hanuman Mandir. His followe...

54/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

The Scandal Point in Shimla, as the name suggests, is one of the most talked about attractions of this hill station. The titillating title surely piques one's interest, and the gripping story behind it does justice to the intrigue created.

Scandal Point is located to the western edge of Shimla where two of the city's most important roads, The Ridge and Mall Road, converge. This point is a mountain lover's haven because it enjoys a picturesque and unobstructed view of gigantic mountains covered in a blanket of dense fir and spruce. On this intersection, there also lies a statue of t...

55/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Shaily Peak
25 kms from Shimla city limits

Shaily peak is one of the topmost touring place in Naldehra, Himachal Pradesh, near the Mahakali Lake. The peak is acquainted with trees and hills around drawing a significant sketch in the place. people from all over the world come to these place and explore such charming scenario. the place is composed with much calm and serenity with beauty admixture the essence of the place. Shaily Peak is located about 23 km from Naldehra and 25 kms from Shimla. From the Khatnol, the base for the steep climb to the peak is about 8 kms. In case, you are not fit enough for trekking, you can also hire a p...

56/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Among the many wonderful museums in Shimla, the Shimla Heritage Museum is one of most compact, yet beautiful museums. Located in Jakhoo Road in the Mall, this museum is easily accessible as it is approximately 0. 5 kilometers from the main city.

This museum is a must go to spot for anyone who wants learn more about the British Rule in India as this museum has plenty to showcase from the time of the colonial invasion. Also, the Shimla Heritage museum is yet another memorable piece of architecture that the British have left behind in India. This museum is the perfect way of reminding...

57/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Located at the centre of city at the Potter Hills, the Shimla Image Art Gallery is an attraction for art and culture lovers. It can be easily reached via a cab or a bus.

The photos displayed there depicts the diverse flora fauna and culture of Himachal Pradesh especially Shimla. There are over 20000 photos displayed take by the photographer Inder Pal. The theme of the photographs on display varies from nature to wildlife and travel to fine art. Some of the highlighting works are Bhimakali Temple Shimla, Christ Church, Vice Regal Lodge and Chandratal Lake Shimla.

The ph...

58/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Located 11 kms away from Shimla, close to NH-22, the Reserve Forest Sanctuary is an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Sprawling in an expanse of 951 hectares, this reserve has varying altitudes that range from 1900 m to 2620 m. From this sanctuary, you can behold breathtaking views of Deo Tibba, Chota Shali, Bandar Poonch, Rakta Dhar, Badrinath and Pir Panjal – some of the most majestic Himalayan Mountains.

The reserve is connected to the Chail Sanctuary in the south through a forest corridor. This Wildlife refuge is populated by vivid flora and fauna. T...

59/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary is among the must-visit places in Shimla. It is a peaceful place to enjoy your time in the lap of nature. It is located along the Hindustan Tibet Road, some 8 kms in the eastern side of Shimla and extends up to north Kurfi. Reaching the Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary is fuss-free, for it takes only a 20-minute drive from the town to arrive at its main gate.

Besides being a sanctuary and a famous forest walk zone, Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary has its own share of history. The sanctuary was initially owned by the 'Rana...

60/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Shoolini Temple, Solan
43 kms from Shimla city limits

At a distance of 43 kms from Shimla and 1. 5 km from Solan Railway Station, Shoolini Devi Temple is one of the famous temples located in Solan and is a prime attraction.

The Shoolini Mata Temple is dedicated to Shoolini Mata- an incarnation of Goddess Durga. It is also believed that the town of Solon was named after Shoolini Mata, the presiding deity of the temple. The temple is said to be built on the remains of an older temple believed to precede the town of Solan. The temple looks beautiful in the night when it is completely illuminated and is very crowded on holidays and festival...

61/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Nestled in the serene laps of Shimla, Shri Laxmi Narayan Mandir and Aggarwal Dharamsala is barely 14 minutes away (by vehicle) from the heart of Shimla.

One of the most undeniable attractions of the Mandir is darshan of the Laxmi Narayan-Lord Vishnu. The temple in itself is ancient and a sight to behold. A temple close to the heart of the locals, it's wooden facades are adorned with beautiful carvings.

On a daily basis, Shri Laxmi Narayan Mandir and Aggarwal Dharamsala operates during timings 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM. ...

62/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Sidh Baba Ka Mandir, Chail
48 kms from Shimla city limits

Located 48 kms from Shimla and at a height of 8000 ft from downtown Chail, Sidh Baba Ka Mandir is set on a hill between Rajgarh and Pandhawa. The local residents of Chail believe that this mandir is the protector of success of Chail.

Constructed in 1891, Sidh Baba Ka Mandir is a position of heavenly soul and each voyager visits this sanctuary to love and take the gifts of Sidh Baba. It speaks to the significance of religion and respects the holy person who was revered here. There are several stories associated with the construction of the temple. Some believe that Maharaja Bhupinder ...

63/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

St Michaels Cathedral Catholic Church, a wonderful throwback to the Victorian era, was the first Roman Catholic Church built in the summer capital of British India and was opened for the public in 1885. It is within the city limits.

The interior of Shimla's most majestic structure is decorated in typical French - Gothic style architecture. Currently, the cathedral can hold a service of at least 400 people. St. Michael's Cathedral incorporates a nave, a vestry, a confessional room, a baptistery room and two aisles. The Organ present in the church is considered to be the finest in No...

64/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

The Summer Hill is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing of the seven hills which make up Shimla. It is located within the city limits. It takes about 20 minutes (6 Kms) from the centre of Shimla.

The Summer Hill is situated at an altitude of about 2100 feet above the sea level. The dense forest has a cool, pleasant and lush green atmosphere . The white mountains which rise high, offer the perfect environment for a relaxed time. The forests which cover the entire hill is filled with the blend of floral species like oaks, deodars and pine trees. The Summer Hill is also marked a...

65/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
Tani Jubber Lake
80 kms from Shimla city limits

80 kms from Shimla, the small beautiful Tani Jubber Lake with fresh water is situated in the midst of deodar forest. It is about 11 km from Narkanda on Narkanda Thanedar road.

The Tani Jubber Lake is a beautiful lake lying between lush green slopes on one side and red ripe apple orchards on the other with snow-covered mountains in the backdropTani Jubber Lake is mainly surrounded by high cedars but surrounding village overlooks the enchanting valleys and on a clear day. Himalayan snow peaks as well are visible. The place is surrounded by dense forests and is very picturesque in appea...

66/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Tara Devi Temple (Goddess of Stars), located in Shimla is a very famous tourist attraction of this place. Situated at a distance of around 11 kms from Shimla city center, this famous temple can be visited while travelling on the Kalka - Shimla National Highway. Tara Devi Temple is an ideal place for a person seeking peace and tranquillity.

The Tara Devi Temple is situated at the top of the Tarav Parvat in Shimla and the lush green environment is surrounded by a thick forest of oak and rhododendron giving it a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The origin of the temple can be traced ...

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The second oldest church in North India, after St. John's Church in Meerut is the Christ Church in Shimla. It comes under the Diocese of Amritsar in the Church of North India. The church is 6 kms from the main city of Shimla. The current incumbent is The Rev. It is a beautiful milky white building popular with the tourists and the locals as well.

The Christ Church was built in 1857 to serve the British Christian community during the rule of British in India. It is situated on The Ridge. It is a really popular landmark adding to the beauty of Shimla and it is visible from anywhere i...

68/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

Ridge is located in the heart of shimla, city of Himanchal Pradesh, India. It takes 2-3 hours travel to reach Ridge road from Shimla. The Ridge is a wide open street. It runs east to west alongside the Mall road and joins it at the Scandal point. Most major places of Shimla like Snowdon, Jakhoo hills are connected through the Ridge. Prominent landmarks on the Ridge are a neo-Gothic structure of Church from 1844 and a Tudorbethan styled library building built in 1910. There are three statues on the ridge; that of Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Dr. Y. S Parmar the first chief minister of H...

69/70 Places to Visit in Shimla
30 kms from Shimla city limits

Theog is a small town located in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 30 kms away from the city centre of Shimla.

Theog is a small muncipal committee. There are several villages that come under the jurisdiction of Theog. Apart from that, it is a quiet and less crowded attraction which is present in Shimla. This small town is surrounded by the mighty himalayas. It has everything that a hill station offers to its visitors, except of the fact that it does not remain crowded by the visitors. The town is not much popular and can be said that it i...

70/70 Places to Visit in Shimla

The Vaishno devi temple is situated in Shimla, on the banks of Beas River. It is commonly known as Mahadevi Tirthankaras, and is named after Parvati, Lord Shiva's wife. It is within the city limits. It is 5 km from the city centre.

This magnificent temple was built in 1966 by Swami Sewak Das Ji Maharaj as he was searching for eternal peace and an abode to spread his views on life,the Nishkaam Karmseva, which appropriately translates to selfless service, love for mankind and magnetic spirituality which should be praised by the devotees of Mata Vaishno Devi. The temple is currently ...