Ward's Lake or popularly referred to as the Pollock's Lake is a Lake situated in the middle of the city of Shillong. The artificially developed garden and lake is filled with lush greenery and is a named after the Chief Commissioner who started the project. It is within Shillong city limits.

The Ward's Lake serves among the most common tourist attraction in the north eastern city, Shillong. The main water body is man-made is surrounding by beautiful garden filled with exciting species of flora that leaves behind much to explore. The lake is also adjacent to the botanical garden that holds multiple varieties of orchids as well as houses a wide range of flora. It also has a cafeteria within the premises that offers refreshments to the tourists. The locals also sing the praise of khasi prisoner Jismot Chyme who is said to have dug out the Ward's Lake.

The peak months of June- July witness hundreds of tourists visiting Ward's Lake everyday. The lake contains a bridge in the middle from where tourist enjoy feeding fishes and the beautiful scenic view. Ward's Lake also offers boating services and the trip around the lake among the freshly blossoming colourful orchids is a memory worth cherishing. One can spend 3-4 hours enjoying the site and activities in the Ward's Lake. The Lake is well maintained and cobble stoned paths around the lake reflect the British colonial era of this region. Ward's Lake place is a paradise of botanical and horticulture enthusiasts who get to see the enchanting beauty of rich floral species across the banks of the lake. The other side of the bridge also had fountains and areas to sit and relax.

A cup of chai (tea) and a beautiful nature walk around the perimeter of this lake can complete the perfect picnic day. Ward's Lake can be visited during the months of November- Febraury from timings 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM whereas for the rest of the months the closing time is extended till 7:00 PM. A minimal entry fee of INR 10 is collected from Indian tourist and some extra fee is charged to take cameras and video cams inside.