The Sacred Forests of Mawphlang is a forest spread across 78 hectares of land. Sacred Forests of Mawphlang is preserved by the local tribes of the region. The Sacred Forests of Mawphlang is located about 25 kms from the main city of Shillong.

Like most other areas around the Khasi hills, the Sacred forest also has been protected and conserved by the local tribes of the region. The place is considered to house the deity U Ryngkew U Basa. This significance of the forest has led to strict policy of no trees being cut down. Sacred Forests of Mawphlang is the perfect example of natures way of growing and spreading far and wide. Conserving this forest is an essential part of the tribes which they consider their sacred duty. Anyone entering the forest with bad intentions is said to face serious repercussions. The local tribes are also said to be performing rituals here and certain mounds of ritual stones which date behind to about 900 years stand witness to it. The forest is home for a large variety of flora and fauna. Additionally, several species of medicinal plants are also to be found in this forest region. The Castonapsis Kurzi covers the boundary to the inner vegetation consisting of ferns and aroids all mingled into and thick dense area, and distinguishes it from the Khasi pines around. The Sacred Forests of Mawphlang dates back to centuries and remaining uninterrupted by human vegetation has formed humus which is giving rise to new plant life.

Sacred Forests of Mawphlang is a perfect walk around opportunity to experience the magic of nature in its real form. Uninterrupted by human vegetation or activities, the area is fascinating to explore. A tourist guide can help relate the various aspects and area of the forest to folklores and history that backs them. It might rain at any time of the day and this persists through out the year. The marshy grasslands and the contrasting vegetation of Sacred Forests of Mawphlang all leaves one in complete awe in understanding the real strength and beauty of mother nature.

The Sacred Forests of Mawphlang offers the chance to witness contrasting vegetation on the inner and outer circle and a splendid variety of flora. Sacred Forests of Mawphlang is open between the timings 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM every day. There is no entry fee as such although hiring guide will cost around Rs. 400 for the entire trip around the forest which is recommended.