The Grand Madina Masjid in Shillong is a marvel of architecture and is the only mosque to be constructed out of glass in the entire Indian territory. The 120 ft. high and 61 ft. wide magnificent structure of glass dome and glass minarets is a four-level building is situated in the Lahan area of Shillong. It is easily accessible owing to its location within the limits of the Shillong city.

Grand Madina Masjid is one of the most beautiful mosques in India that glitters and glows in green color at night. The mosque is the largest in the Northeastern states and is open for everyone who agrees to maintain the mosque's sanctity. The Grand Madina Masjid has separate space for women to offer prayers and can be of service to approximately 8000 people at a time. The religious place also has an orphanage named Meherba, a library, and an Islamic Theological Institute known as Markaz.

The brilliant structure is a one of the kind place in India. The scene of the mosque gleaming and shimmering in green light amidst the darkness of the sky in astounding, thus making the Grand Madina Masjid a must place destination in Shillong. The best time to visit the Grand Madina Masjid is in the evening or at night when the sky goes dark and the mosque enlightens.

The Grand Madina Masjid is a spiritual place which also showcases splendid work of architecture. One can witness the glistening glass minarets and can also give a visit to the orphanage and the library. The place remains open every day of the week and has no entry fees. Visitor can visit the Grand Madina Masjid during timings: 5:00 AM - 8:00 PM.