The Spread Eagle Falls - popularly referred to as the Sati Falls - is a natural waterfall located near Shillong. Derived from its majestic looks like an eagle with its wings spread far and wide, The Spread Eagle falls is a great tourist destination situated about 6 kms away from the main city of Shillong. The waterfalls serves as among the most popular waterfalls in the area and is a great tourist destination to look forward for close to the city.

The thin steep fall of water in the mountain spreads bold and beautiful in the lower parts and the sight of the cascading water is mesmerizing. The sparkling water and its location among the greenery makes the place beautiful and pristine to enjoy time in. The enchanting situation of the falls surrounded by hills is divine to watch. Spread Eagle Falls is also known as Umkiliar. Spread Eagle Falls is the widest waterfall in the area and is situated in Shillong Cantonment.

The climatic conditions of Meghalaya makes the Spread Eagle Falls a favourable destination to visit throughout the year. The water gushes through the narrow streams from the top and reaches to diverge into a beautiful pool that makes it a perfect spot to settle and enjoy the view. The place is also very friendly for a picnic or for a relaxing day out. The sound of the water and the dense greenery around is relaxing. The Spread Eagle Falls is considered quite dangerous given the slippery edges and the powerful gushes of water on the rocks. Yet, the place does witness quite the number of tourist reaching to enjoy the unmatchable beauty. The increase in number is recent with all credits to work on better roads to reach this destination which were not in place before. The destination is perfect to capture the true colours of nature, fresh and energetic. The Spread Eagle Falls is not yet commercial and is not very visitor friendly in terms of facilities on might be looking for near a waterfall. It is a great off-beat place to experience the nature and its beauty.

Cradling the natural beauty of the Shillong the waterfall rushes down from the wide pinnacle to beautiful small streams among the three distinct hills contributing to a complete enchanting sight to go to. The place does not have too many tourist and is quite secluded to enjoy some private visit with no entry fees. There no rigid timings to visit the Spread Eagle Falls, however a day time visit is advised.