The Sohpetbneng peak is a hill-top located 20 kms north of Shillong. The Sohpetbneng peak is reknowned for its beautiful scenary. A name so peculiar has attracted recent tourist interest that adds credits to it other than the spiritual significance it holds to the tribes of the region. The spiritual significance of this peak to what is considered to be connecting the heavens to earth is extravagant.

Sohpetbneng peak means 'Navel of Heaven' stands holding an aura of sacred beliefs and ancient history and wisdom of religion. The place is believed to hold a golden tree at the peak which the native khasi tribe has worshipped to be the bridge or ladder between earth and the heavens. The tribe is considered to be 7 families out of the 16 heavenly families created by god rest of who live in the heavens. The indegineous tribes of this area are the Ri Hynniewtrep or the Seven Huts people. The tribes currently do not live in the region although visit each year to offer their prayers to the creator.

A visit to The Sohpetbneng peak destination will be a perfect getaway for those seeking solace. The calm beauty of the peak and the sight of the majestic hills with pines around calms the human soul. The Sohpetbneng peak is a spiritual as well as scenic get away that holds historic as well as spiritual significance. A chance to visit during the first 2 weeks of Febraury will give the benefit of witnessing the annual ritual of the Khasi tribe offered to the Divine Creator - U Blei. The offerings happens on top of the peak 7 kms uphill from the main road where legends says the ladder or the golden tree gateway to heaven existed. The view of the country side from the hill top is powerful to turn one's perspective of life and its beauty on earth. The place has recently started to attract tourist although isn't too commercial. The dense, green, luscious forest area covering the region is a amazing place to spend about 2-3 days in a calm and relaxing environment far from the hassles of city life.

A perfect destination for a spiritual cleanse and a chance to explore oneself, Sohpetbneng not only holds the key to a spiritual adventure but also a majestic thing of beauty to enjoy and watch. The place is great to visit throughout the year, though visitors are recommended to avoid the visit during monsoon. There are no rigid timings, however, it is advised to visit the Peak during day time.