Situated 26 kms from Shillong, Sohliya Strawberry Farm is a village filled with serenity and blessed with natural beauty. The village is renowed for is far streching strawberry farms which are under care of the locals. The village serves as the spine of strawberry production in the state of Meghalaya.

Sohliya Strawberry Farm, with its regular and high quality production of strawberries, is a sight to to behold. Visitors will be able to witness thousands of hectares of land with ripe, red strawberries. It is a modern farming success story that was started off by one man as an experiment to plant strawberries. Following the huge success produce today the village is known as the 'strawberry village'. The place is mostly covered with extensive farming lands.

A beautiful nature walk through the farms would be a great chance to meet amazing birds all across the area. The village also has various tea plantations and tea factories similar to parts of Assam and one can visit the factory to watch them process and manufacture tea. The place is perfect to drop in at any time of the year as the weather and the mother nature display true beauty at all times. Visitors need to be ready to explore on foot the far areas of the farms to enjoy the experience fully. Infact visitors can also bea a part of the annual strawberry festival which was previously organized a few times around February. The spring season holds about the best time to enjoy this amazing place. Visitors also have the chance to pluck and taste a strawberries and camp out in the area. For those not looking for much camping experience a guest house is also available with full amenities to enjoy a day or 2 and hang around.

The place does not hold any entry fees as such and sees hundreds of tourists visit each year. Morning hours would be great to watch the people work in the far stretched farms and towards the dawn or dusk would be a great time to take a walk around the farms. The red berry farms attract beautiful birds throughout the year like bulbuls which add a soothing coo to the fantastic sight seeing experience. A calm holiday with a chance to witness rich red ramps of strawberries and the serenading beauty of nature would be possible only at the strawberry centre of Meghalay - Sohliya Strawberry Farm. There are no rigid visiting timings to visit Sohliya Strawberry Farm.