Nestled at the approximate altitude of 2000m above the Sea Level and located at a distance of 10 kms from the heart of the city the Shillong View Point, also known as Shillong Peak, aggrandized as the highest geographical point of the entire Meghalaya State is greatly esteemed amongst the vacationers and day-trippers as an ideal picnic destination and a classic tourist hotspot. The panoramic bird's eye view of the downhill Shillong city during the day and the fascinating vista of the glimmering city lights at night yield a real treat to the human eyes.

Enclosed by luxuriant Himalayan woodlands bursting with rare and exotic botanical species such as orchids, pine trees, other coniferous foliage and the most renowned insect eating pitcher plant; Nepenthes Khasiana, the Shillong Peak offers the most mesmerizing spectacles of the adjoining countryside. As per local beliefs, the patron deity 'Leishyllong' had her abode on this hill. She used to protect the city against all evils from here. And it is from her name, the city of Shillong derives its name.

Standing at an altitude of 1965 metres, Shillong View Point stands at the highest peak in the province of Himalayas. Himalayan ranges also look mesmerizing and beautiful from this point. A radar station of the Indian Air force is situated at the Shillong Peak where the tourists are not allowed to click photographs. As the forest around the peak is not inhabited by dangerous wild animals, adventure aficionados love to explore these rococo Himalayan woods. Visiters can visit Shillong View Point anytime, any month of the year.