Police Bazar is a one-stop public square and a market for every kind of tourist visiting Shillong. It offers several kinds of opportunities for shopping and entertainment. Being a market is something that is complex, crowded yet beautiful. People from various states come here for many goods and thus facilitate local trading swiftly. Police Bazar is located within Shillong city limits.

Police Bazar is central to Shillong. It's a square with 5-6 roads converging onto it and one side being totally occupied by Shillong Club and other government buildings. All roads are shopping streets. Right on the square is a mall and the hotel Center-point. Always crowded, one can spend hours at Police Bazar. Most extraordinary thing that catches the eye of the people is the price of the product. Items at the Police Bazar are really cheap and affordable. Many Cafes and restaurants that are quite famous for their ethnic looks and service are situated at this location.

Police Bazar is always crowded but one could find the real market with it's most vivid products and food items during the winter season. The reason that states this point is because it is a tourist place, most tourists are gathered during this time. Many streets performances are thus scheduled, the number of food stalks increase during the winters.

The beauty of this place lies within the location and how this market helps in increasing the economy of the state and thus providing job to the population. Visitors are bound to find polite and down to earth people at the Police Bazar, which makes this market stand out among many others. The place is open from mostly from timings 8:00 AM - 10. 00 PM. During winters the shops are closed earlier - 7:30 PM.