Motphran is a historical monument, which translates to "Stone of France", which was erected to commemorate the sacrifice of the 26th Khasi Labour Corps. Motphran is located within Shillong city limits, it would approximately take a 15min drive to reach here.

The British built this monument to honour the 67 porters who died carrying arms, ammunitions and other essential items for the British soldiers during the First World War. Originally named as Mot France, it bears the words of the famous Latin poet, Horace: "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" which can be roughly translated as "It is sweet and honorable to die for one's country. " Since the locals couldn't pronounce it as Mot France, it later came to be known as Motphran.

Motphran is surrounded by the famous Iewduh Market (or Bara Bazaar) - which is the indigenous and the largest market of the city. Motphran is not only a local hub but also an important tourist attraction due to its celebrated history. Over time Motphran has become a busy traffic junction that sees hustle bustle throughout the day.

Best time would be from September to May, when the weather is very pleasant and rains are relatively lesser. Monsoons (June-August) experiences heavy rainfall and it might be very difficult to pursue your travel plans in such weather. There are no visiting timings or entry fees to visit Motphran.