Mawsmai Cave is one of the longest and the most beautiful caves of Meghalaya. The Mawsmai Cave is situated on Shella Road at Cherrapunjee. It is located over 6 kilometres away from the heart of the town of Cherrapunjee. This cave is a natural formation which has never needed the aid of man-made modifications. Local public transportation facilities are available at reasonable fares and are always willing to navigate tourists from one spot to another. This Mawsmai Cave is not situated in the barren lands of the town but instead have basic amenities of food and snacks around the vicinity of the cave. Mawsmai caves are located at a distance of 58 Kms from Shillong.

The Mawsmai Cave is hidden under a canopy of trees of a particular groove. This cave has natural beams and rays of sunrays passing through its ceiling. The rocks and boulders glisten as the sun rays fall on its surface. This is one among those very few caves that are open and safe for tourist explorations without the help of an experienced and trained guide. The Mawsmai Cave is home to a wide variety of unique flora and fauna. The entrance of this cave opens into a vast space and squeezes into a narrow passage as one moves further in.

There are many spots inside the Mawsmai Cave which expects the visitors to squeeze, so it is best advised to wear a pair of trekking shoes for this trip. Mawsmai Cave is of paramount prominence to nature lovers, adventurers, geologists and photographers. There is no such entry fees in order to enjoy the natural beauty of this cave. The cave is open to visits all throughout the year and at all times. But it is best suggested to make your visit only when there is sufficient daylight. The monsoon weather could be quiet unsafe for visitors as well. So ensure to plan a wise visit.

Although the cave is lit with the help of electricity, the contrast of the dark interiors of the cave and the bright seeping of sun rays evokes a magical feeling among visitors. Mawsmai Caves are a highly demanded destination and a well-known tourist spot. The duration of this visit would last anywhere between 1 hour to 1. 5 hours. There are no rigid timings to visit the place, however, day timings is advised.