Mawlynnong is a village that is situated in the city of Shillong and is located on the East Khasi Hills district of the state of Meghalaya. Mawlynnong Village is located 90 kilometres away from the main city of Shillong and is along the border of India and Bangladesh. The Mawlynnong Village is locally known as "God's own Garden", considering the natural scenic beauty that prevails in this village. The villege is located at a distance of 78 Kms from the city of Shillong.

The village of Mawlynnong has been given the title of "The cleanest village in Asia" by Discover India in the year 2003. This village has some of the most innovative, efficient and exquisite policies with relation to the women empowerment scenarios. The village is approximately a 100 years old and houses over 90 to 100 houses. Residence of Mawlynnong can communicate in Khasi, Hindi as well as English. This village has broad roads with thatched khasi huts. Visitors are surprised to find wild orchids blooming and hanging around the corner of house gardens. The residents of this village are often seen picking up fallen leaves and voluntarily disposing them into the nearby dustbins.

There are many great tourist attraction spots (The Balancing Rock and the Living Root Bridge) in the village of Mawlynnong. Some of the most and highly demanded tourist spots of India belong to the North East of India. Mawlynnong is known of its cleanliness. Bamboo dustbins are located at every nook and corner of this village which leaves no room for littering wastes at public spaces. These dustbins, which contain wastes, are later dumped into pits to produce manure. This village is one of the very few villages with a matrilineal society wherein the youngest daughter of a mother is entitled to the mother's property and wealth. The daughters keep the surname of their mothers in this village.

This village is a definite peculiar tourist spots that every nation must take inspiration from, with regard to many aspect. The Mawlynnong Village is best visited during the monsoon to see the naturally lush green scenery. A trip to the Mawlynnong village will guarantee a change in your perspective of life, nature and humanitarian cultures.