Marai Cave is one of the many caves located in the Khasi Hill range of Shillong, Meghalaya. Marai Cave has many different names. "Krem Marai" or "Cave of Marai". The cave is made up of several slabs of rocks that forms its different and deep cave like structure. The distance of the cave from the city of Shillong is 16 kms and it is on the way to Jowai.

Marai Cave is said to be a sacred place where there are mentions of many mythological legends and folklore of Meghalaya. There are a lot of stories associated with the Marai Cave. One of the many stories is that the daughter of Shillong Peaks presiding deity lived there. Another is that the descendants of Syiems, (who ruled Mylliem and Khyrim kingdoms), came through these caves. The cave has a unique structure. There are countless passages to enter and exit the cave, which is what makes this cave special. Locals say that if you aren't guided, there is a little chance of you getting lost. Vehicles can be taken up till the base of the cave, and that's where the hike starts.

Marai cave is a great place for the hiking and trekking enthusiasts, and adventure lovers. The hike takes approximately 20 minutes. On the climb, up to the Shillong Peak, the hike will take the visitors through lush green vegetation, and cultivated lands. At the end of the hike visitors will be greeted by a breathtaking sight. The view shows all of Shillong and the Khasi Hill range. From the lofty mountains, to the buildings and urban settings of Shillong. The peak and the cave is a great place for all the photography enthusiasts.

February to October is the best time to visit Marai Caves. This time Shillong has very pleasant weather. However, June to August experience heavy rainfalls which make it difficult to go through with plans, but it is still pretty pleasant. There are no rigid timings as such, however, visitors are recommended to visit the Marai Cave during day timings.