Lumpongdeng Island is a natural island located in the state of Meghalaya. The island is in the Umiam lake also known as Barapani Lake, which is located in the North of Shillong. The island is located around 17. 8 kms from the Shillong International Airport. In order to reach the island, people need to take either a speed boat, a tourist boat, or even a canoe.

Lumpongdeng Island is a beautiful isolated island which is a private enterprise in collaboration with Meghalaya Tourism. It is famous for its boat house and camping. Since the lake is surrounded by sylvan hills, the island has some breathtaking views to offer. The views make this destination a spot-on location for photographers. Lumpongdeng Island has its very own little boat house. The boat house is a perfect getaway to stay at for a night or two. There is advanced booking needed for the boat house.

Since the Lumpongdeng Island in located in the Umiam Lake, it makes it very easy for the tourists to partake in water adventure sports. Tourists can go kayaking, eater cycling, scooting, boating, and jet-skiing. The island has camping sites as well. Many people come here for the adventure and the camping experience. While on this island, one can go on a trek into the woods. The trek to the hilltop is worth it, because the view on top is absolutely marvelous.

The best time to visit this destination would be in the months of February to October, as it is very cold from November to January in the north-eastern states of India. Water Sports start at 9:00 AM. In order to stay on the island's boat house, there has to be a reservation made.