Kyllang Rock is a magnificent rock structure located in the West Khasi Hills of Shillong. It is a unique rock made of red granite. Visitors have to trek for a few kilometers before being able to reach the rock. It is at a distance of 78 kms from Shillong. And is well connected from the capital city.

This massive structure of Kyllang Rock is located at a height of 5400 feet above sea level with a width of 1000 feet. The gigantic rock is said to have magnetic properties and is believed that no one falls off from its top. This monolithic rock is a part of Khasi folklore and one gets to hear diverse stories on it. The Rock is said to be a family rock comprising of a male, female and a child which also has a history of it. It is in the shape of a dome, which is blocked from the southern side as it is very steep. But it is accessible from its northern and eastern sides. The northern sides of the Rock are covered with rhododendron and oak trees. The rhododendrons found here are said to be one of the rare and the oldest of the ones that are found today. Also, the white rhododendrons are found only in this region.

Visitors at Kyllang Rock can partake in trekking, hiking, rock climbing and bird watching. Its peaceful and breath-taking view of meadows, valleys from the top of the Rock is worth all your effort of climbing. During the monsoons, hiking becomes riskier as the path gets slippery. Visitors are advised to wear a pair of shoes with good grip and carry some water prior to visiting Kyallang Rock. Visitors usually spend around 30 minutes at the Kyallang Rock.

There is no entry fee and it is open on all days. It is advised to pack your own food and water as there no such facilities close-by. There are no rigid entry timings as such but a daytime visit is recommended.