Elephant falls is a very popular waterfall in Meghalaya located in Shillong. Elephant falls is know for its dramatic and picturesque view. The falls were named so during the British era. The falls were given the name "Elephant" because of an elephant-shaped rock which was once present at its foot. It is located at distance of 12 kms from Shillong. Its easily accessible location and proximity to the city makes it for a great half-day trip.

Elephant falls is 3 layered waterfalls. The first one is very broad and hidden among the forests. The second one is a thin line of water, which tends to recede during winters. But the most spectacular of all is the third one. It flows like a sheet of white whipped cream over the wrinkles of the mountain. It is surrounded by floors of forest green trees. Chirping of birds, water gushing over rocks, those drizzles on the leaves add to music that nature offers.

Elephant falls is completely paved with stairs making it is accessible to its visitors. Also, there is a bridge traversing between 2nd and 3rd falls. Unlike others waterfalls around Shillong, tourist folk in Elephant falls get to go very close to water. However, swimming is not allowed. Trekking over the majestic rocks may take time, but once you reach, which itself is the reason for many visitors to visit Elephant Falls. The scenery at the Elephant falls is undoubtedly a visual treat. The best time to visit the Falls is after the monsoon months, as the waterfall would be to its full capacity. Visitors spend around 30-40 minutes at the Falls.

When in Shillong, there is no chance of missing these amazing falls. Visitors can visit Elephant falls during timings 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Its entry fee is INR 20 and an extra INR 20 for a Camera.