The Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures is Asia's largest Museum of Indigenous Cultures of its kind. Located in Mawlai, it is 4 kms away from Police Bazaar in Shillong.

Don Bosco Museum in Shillong remains a major tourists' spot providing a glimpse of the rich and multi-cultural lifestyles of the peoples of North East India. Perched at the hill of Mawlai in Shillong, it has seven floors with various galleries presenting the eight states of north east India in a panoramic view. Rising into Shillong's skyline the Museum is a seven storey building with 17 well laid out galleries of diverse interest. It offers study and research facilities throughout its specialised library of 10,000 volumes, a media hall and a conference hall. Alongside the museum, there is a research and publication centre, for promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of North East India. There is an agricultural gallery which contains many different and new types of farming and agricultural practices. The art gallery showcases an extensive collection of rare paintings, unusual artefacts and indigenous objects that are sourced from various corners of North Eastern states. The basket gallery with its bamboo headgears is notoriously famous. There is also an ornaments gallery and its treasures of gold and silver jewelleries. Besides, there is also a fishing, food, and housing gallery. The language museum exhibits more than 200 languages. The topmost Gallery is where the visitors can take a moment breath and enjoy some of the rare dances of the North East.

Ideally people spend more than 3 hours at the Don Bosco Museum. Cameras are not allowed inside the museum. Competitions for writers, musicians and lyricists are held in the premises and researchers and scholars throughout the year.

The Museum is open Monday through Saturday. During summer (February 01-November 30), it is open during timings 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM. During winter (December 01 to January 31), it is open from 09:00 Am - 04:30 PM. The Museum remains closed on all Sundays. The entry fee is Rs. 200 for foreigners and Rs. 100 for Indians, Rs. 50 for Indian students and Rs. 150 for non-Indian students.