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Air Force Museum, Shillong
Within Shillong city limits

The Air Force Museum, situated in the East Khasi Hills District of Shillong is a a museum of defense, culture and heritage of Shillong. The well maintained display of technologies and models used by the IAF Eastern Command is housed within the Air Force Museum of Shillong. It is located within Shillong city limits.

Other than missiles, air crafts and cultural insight, the Air Force Museum also offers pictures of Indo-Pak and Indo-China war. The museum can be easy located as it is near national highway 106, inside the campus of Eastern High Command. The museum offers a panoply of wa...

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All Saints Church is one of the oldest and most magnificent churches of Shillong. The church was built on Karachi Road during British Raj among the mesmerizing hills, forests and waterfalls of Shillong. However, the disastrous earthquake of 1897, left the old church in ruins and derbies. A new church was constructed and was completed in 1902. The structure of the church is heavily influenced by colonial architecture and it is a marvelous wooden structure. Opposite to the State Central Library, it shares the same vicinity as other tourist attractions such as the State Museum, Lady Hydari Par, C...

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Barabazar also called as lewduh Market is a prominent market located in East Khasi hills of Shillong. The name Lewduh market literally means the market of the common people. And it surely stands for its name, as the market offers almost everything for all by all. It is at a distance of 3. 7 km from Shillong and takes about 10 minutes to reach there.

Barabazar is one of the oldest and largest trade centres in Northeast India. It is fascinating to see women running most of the shops here. Religious ceremonies take place every year in the market area. The rituals performed signifies to ...

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Crinoline Falls
Within Shillong city limits

Crinoline falls is one of the most celebrated waterfalls of Shillong. It attracts visitors from around the world and is preferred by all age groups. It is located at a distance of 3 km from Shillong and is well within the city.

Crinoline falls fall from a height of 13 feet creating a natural water pool at its bottom. The water gushes through the rocks and dense greenery surrounding it to fill water to the pool. It seems like a most pristine location, which is flanked by colourful orchids on both the sides of the pool. The waterfalls are well maintained with all the tourist facilitie...

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Don Bosco Square
Within Shillong city limits

Don Bosco Square is a public square in Shillong. Do Bosco Square is a piece of Shillong history that stands out right in the centre of this locality. There is an elegant statue of Don Bosco aloft a podium situated at the center of the square.

Don Bosco Square in Shillong is the busiest hangout place for college's students. The popular schools and colleges in Shillong are located in this area, which include 4 of the oldest educational institutes of the region. Don Bosco Square area is also popular for small restaurants that are located on both sides of the road. Visitors usually com...

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India Orchidarium and Botanical Garden is a prominent tourist attraction located in Ward's Lake in Shillong. Just 2 Kms from Shillong, India Orchidarium and Botanical Garden is located in a relatively remote area on the outskirts of the city.

Wards Lake is a century old picturesque lake located near the heart of the city. Wards Lake is popular for short garden walks and boating. India Orchidarium and Botanical Garden - just below the Wards Lake - is home to indigenous and exotic plants and colourful species of birds. This Botanical garden houses an incredible collection of rare orc...

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Lady Hydari Park
Within Shillong city limits

Lady Hydari Park is a Japanese styled public park in Shillong. Its a lush green park, stretched over a kilometre in the heart of Shillong.

Lady Hydari Park is named after the erstwhile first lady of Assam, Lady Hydari. Distinct Japanese influence is seen in every space in the Park, from the round shaped hedges to circular design elements and to small ponds scattered all around the park. There are a vast variety of orchids and flowering plants that add to the glamour of the Park. But the bed of roses is exceptionally the best of Lady Hydari Park.

Lady Hydari Park is not only...

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Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians also known as Cathedral Catholic Church Shillong is a historic church positioned between Dhankheti and Laitumkhrah. Cathedral Catholic Church Shillong is one of the most prominent churches in Meghalaya, visited by over 300,000 worshippers every year.

Cathedral Catholic Church Shillong is erected on the same site where the first church of Shillong was built. The current Cathedral Church was built over 50 years ago. The Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians is one of the most beautiful churches in Shillong. It known for its high arches and stained ...

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The Meghalaya State Museum is a government run museum in Shillong. Meghalaya is bestowed with cultural heritage that is well maintained and presented by the state's museums. This museum is located at East Khasi Hills District, Shillong. Meghalaya State Museum is located within Shillong city limits.

Meghalaya State Museum was established in 1975. Meghalaya State Museum serves the purpose of enriching tribal culture and giving respect to our patriotic leaders. This museum serves as a symbol of justice since it has confined collections of different monuments for the great patriots of ...

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Within Shillong city limits

Motphran is a historical monument, which translates to "Stone of France", which was erected to commemorate the sacrifice of the 26th Khasi Labour Corps. Motphran is located within Shillong city limits, it would approximately take a 15min drive to reach here.

The British built this monument to honour the 67 porters who died carrying arms, ammunitions and other essential items for the British soldiers during the First World War. Originally named as Mot France, it bears the words of the famous Latin poet, Horace: "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" which can be roughly translated ...

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Police Bazar, Shillong
Within Shillong city limits

Police Bazar is a one-stop public square and a market for every kind of tourist visiting Shillong. It offers several kinds of opportunities for shopping and entertainment. Being a market is something that is complex, crowded yet beautiful. People from various states come here for many goods and thus facilitate local trading swiftly. Police Bazar is located within Shillong city limits.

Police Bazar is central to Shillong. It's a square with 5-6 roads converging onto it and one side being totally occupied by Shillong Club and other government buildings. All roads are shopping streets...

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St. Anthony's Botanical Garden is a beautiful garden near in the heart of Shillong. The botanical garden is located inside the campus of St. Anthony's College. It was inaugurated for public in 2004 and has been a place of attraction for tourists, ever since. The garden also serves as a reserve for the study and scientific research of various flora. It is situated at a distance of 2. 5 km from the center of the city.

The garden was established with a motive to secure the existence of rare and endangered plant species. It is for this reason that the garden boasts of showcasing some o...

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The Grand Madina Masjid
Within Shillong city limits

The Grand Madina Masjid in Shillong is a marvel of architecture and is the only mosque to be constructed out of glass in the entire Indian territory. The 120 ft. high and 61 ft. wide magnificent structure of glass dome and glass minarets is a four-level building is situated in the Lahan area of Shillong. It is easily accessible owing to its location within the limits of the Shillong city.

Grand Madina Masjid is one of the most beautiful mosques in India that glitters and glows in green color at night. The mosque is the largest in the Northeastern states and is open for everyone who...

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Wankhar Entomology Museum
Within Shillong city limits

Wankhar Entomology Museum is a specialized museum that displays a private collection of rare varieties of insects like butterflies, moths and beetles. Wankhar Entomology Museum located in Riatsamthiah, within Shillong city limits.

Wankhar Entomology Museum is said to be the only museum in India exclusively devoted to moths, butterflies and insects. The museum is owned by the famous Wankhar family of Shillong, which established the museum during 1930s. The museum is located in a ground floor of a private bunglow. Wankhar Entomology Museum has a vast collection of different species of ...

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Ward's Lake
Within Shillong city limits

Ward's Lake or popularly referred to as the Pollock's Lake is a Lake situated in the middle of the city of Shillong. The artificially developed garden and lake is filled with lush greenery and is a named after the Chief Commissioner who started the project. It is within Shillong city limits.

The Ward's Lake serves among the most common tourist attraction in the north eastern city, Shillong. The main water body is man-made is surrounding by beautiful garden filled with exciting species of flora that leaves behind much to explore. The lake is also adjacent to the botanical garden th...