Crinoline falls is one of the most celebrated waterfalls of Shillong. It attracts visitors from around the world and is preferred by all age groups. It is located at a distance of 3 km from Shillong and is well within the city.

Crinoline falls fall from a height of 13 feet creating a natural water pool at its bottom. The water gushes through the rocks and dense greenery surrounding it to fill water to the pool. It seems like a most pristine location, which is flanked by colourful orchids on both the sides of the pool. The waterfalls are well maintained with all the tourist facilities and make it an ideal place to soak in some nature.

Things to do at Crinoline falls include swimming in the natural pool and trekking through the dense woods. There is also restaurant facility available near the Crinoline Falls. The thrashing of water onto the rocks and then into the pool offers a soothing music to ears. The sounds are accompanied by the chirping of birds and cool breeze on the orchids. Various events and cultural programs are also organised close to falls, which makes it a more attractive destination. Visitors are free to click and capture amazing pictures and videos of the foam like water as one relaxes in the pool. The best time to visit the Crinoline falls is during summer months from April to June, as winters tend to get chilly. Visitors usually spend around 1 - 2 hours at the falls.

Crinoline falls being easily accessible and located well within the city cannot be missed when in Shillong. Though it is a popular destination, it is not crowded and is ideal for family, couple and solo vacations. It is open on all days. Timings of Crinoline Falls is throughout the daytime timings and there is no entry fee.