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1/2 Places to Visit in Shillong with Food
Don Bosco Square
Within Shillong city limits

Don Bosco Square is a public square in Shillong. Do Bosco Square is a piece of Shillong history that stands out right in the centre of this locality. There is an elegant statue of Don Bosco aloft a podium situated at the center of the square.

Don Bosco Square in Shillong is the busiest hangout place for college's students. The popular schools and colleges in Shillong are located in this area, which include 4 of the oldest educational institutes of the region. Don Bosco Square area is also popular for small restaurants that are located on both sides of the road. Visitors usually com...

2/2 Places to Visit in Shillong with Food
Police Bazar, Shillong
Within Shillong city limits

Police Bazar is a one-stop public square and a market for every kind of tourist visiting Shillong. It offers several kinds of opportunities for shopping and entertainment. Being a market is something that is complex, crowded yet beautiful. People from various states come here for many goods and thus facilitate local trading swiftly. Police Bazar is located within Shillong city limits.

Police Bazar is central to Shillong. It's a square with 5-6 roads converging onto it and one side being totally occupied by Shillong Club and other government buildings. All roads are shopping streets...