Beadon falls is one of the twin falls located on the East Khasi Hills of Shillong. It is a narrow stretch of the waterfall that falls into Umiam river at its foot. It is at a distance of 5 km from the centre of Shillong and is well connected by road transportation.

Beadon falls is one of the tallest and steepest waterfalls in India. It is located in the Suna valley of Shillong. It falls along with its twin brother Bishop falls which is adjacent to it. The falls can be seen from a viewpoint that is located just a few kilometres away. However, there are a couple of other viewpoints too. The crystal-clear water mesmerizes it its sightseers and is a must-visit place when in Shillong.

Unlike other waterfalls in Shillong, the Beadon falls is long and narrow, falling from about 100 feet crushing the rocks underneath. Its flow is obstructed by dark coloured rocks and heavy green vegetation on its path. Though the falls are disjointed, it is breathtakingly pretty. The water flows like a sheet of milk over the boulders offering a delightful view to its visitors. The warm and deepest green forests surrounding is an added bonus. These attractive waterfalls give a picturesque frame for capturing memories into the camera. However, the best shots of the Beadon falls are taken in the afternoon, where the Sun is over the hill. It becomes difficult in the morning hours has the place is full of haze and fog. Beadon Waterfalls is incredible during monsoon, as the flow is at its peak. Visitors spend around 15 - 30 minutes at the falls, as one cannot go close to water and restricted only to the viewing points.

As the falls are easily accessible and within a close distance from the city, there is no reason one can miss the Beadon falls. Though Shillong has many waterfalls to boast about, each of it stands out in its own way. There is no entry fee to Beadon falls and is open on all days. There are no rigid timings to visit Beadon Falls.