One of the largest statue of Lord Hanuman in India, Hanumat Dham is situated in Shahjahanpur on the Bisarat Ghat in the centre of the Khannaut river. It is located within Shahjahanpur city limits.

The statue of Lord Hanuman is about 104 feet high . City legislator Suresh Kumar Khanna untertook this decision to build Hanumat Dham. The base of the statue is connected by a small bridge from ghat. Daily rhetoric chanting of holy slogans is a grand ritual of the place. It took 10 years to complete this statue on the Hanumat Dham. The elevation on which the idol has been installed is 21 feet high. The orange colored statue of the Lord has well defined details and is very picturesque.

Beautiful eyecatching fountains and colorful lights have been arranged in front of the Dham. The entire platform between the river and the statue is decorated with grass and different species of trees and plants. The Hanumat Dham can be visited during timings 5:30 AM - 8:00 PM.