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1/5 Places to Visit in Sambalpur with history

The Dadhibaman Temple located in Dhanakauda in Sambalpur is a State Protected Temple owing to its rich history and the generations it has withstood. Located at a distance of approximately 2. 8 Km from the heart of Sambalpur, one can reach the temple in under 10 minutes via the Motijharan Road.

The temple being an aged piece of architecture has a simple layout with a whitewashed structure, it is a single floored structure at the ground floor with stupa like structures rising above the Temple. Believed to be built under the rule of the Chouhan Rulers, the Dadhibaman Temple is a prime...

2/5 Places to Visit in Sambalpur with history
Hirakud Dam
15 kms from Sambalpur city limits

Hirakud Dam is built across the Mahanadi River, about 15 kms from Sambalpur, Orissa.

Behind the Hirakud Dam extends a lake, Hirakud Reservoir, 55 km long. It is one of the first major multipurpose river valley projects started after India's independence. The history of the construction of one of the biggest dams of Asia is huge indeed. Before the devastating floods of 1936, Sir M. Visveswararya proposed a detailed investigation of storage reservoirs in the Mahanadi basin to tackle the problem of floods in the Mahanadi delta. In 1945, under the chairmanship of Dr B. R. Ambedkar, the M...

3/5 Places to Visit in Sambalpur with history

Huma Temple or the leaning temple of Huma is one of the great tourist attractions of Odisha, India. It is among the world's two leaning temples, which is situated in a small village of Huma. Located on the banks of Mahanadi river, Huma temple lies 23 kms from the city of Sambalpur.

The leaning temple of Huma is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The architecture of the temple is positioned on the rocky cradle under the river banks of Mahanadi. It is believed that the leaning of this temple came into being after the displacement of the rocky bed due to some earthquake or flood currents and...

4/5 Places to Visit in Sambalpur with history

Maa Samaleswari Temple is a Hindu temple in Sambalpur, Western Orissa.

Maa Samaleswari Temple is dedicated to the goddess known as 'Maa'. She is also known among the natives as "samalei" maa, meaning Mother Samaleswari. Shree Shree Samaleswari, the presiding deity of Sambalpur, is a strong religious force in the western part of Orissa and Chhattisgarh states of India. On the bank of the river Mahanadi, the mother goddess Samaleswari is worshipped since ancient times as Jagatjanani, Adishakti, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati. The region in which the temple is situated has a rich cultural ...

5/5 Places to Visit in Sambalpur with history

Raja Veer Surendra Sai Palace is located in the heart of the city, the palace is only about 2. 3 km from the mapped center of Sambalpur and can be reached in under 10 minutes via the Veer Surendra Sai Marg. The palace lies in a very depleted and ruined state today and is now only part of a historic story to tell around the people and the visitors.

Raja Veer Surendra Sai Palace is named after Surendra Sai who was born in the year 1809 as the legal heir of the crown after Maharaja Sai's reign was over, but was unaccepted by the British Rule resulting in him becoming a rebel. He remai...