Situated at a distance of around 3. 5 km from Sambalpur, the Budharaja Hill is accessible via the Sambalpur-Rourkela Highway or the Sambalpur-Sundargarh-Rourkela Highway in under 15 minutes. The Budharaja Hill area is famous among the travellers for its Phallic shaped structure, which is regarded holy in many beliefs around the World.

The Budharaja Hill has a Shiva temple at its hill top, known as the Budharaja Shiva Temple. A solid concrete road leads the tourists and the visitors from the foot to the top of the hill where one can pay their respects and also enjoy a majestic view of the city of Sambalpur. Located in its vicinity is the Ghanteshwar temple, which has also received help from the Government recently for its betterment and for the keep sake of the temple. From the hilltop one can also spot the Hindalco Factory at a distance which remains a major source of power and indutrial manufacturing of a metals around the State.

The Budharaja Reserve Forest which falls in the wild forest which covers about 63 hectares of land is a major tourist attraction and brings in a good economy flow for Sambalpur. Budharaja Temple which is located on the hill top is also an infamous tourist and devotee spot which sees crowds from all over the country throughout the year.

Budharaja Hill is a perfect getaway for the spiritual and for them who seek a break from the monotonous routine of the city life and find themselves in between nature and a Godly presence. Reaching the hill and to its top is not an uphill task but it is advised to visit during the day and still till sunset to get the most of what Budharaja has to offer. No entry or prayer fee is charged on anyone who wishes to do the same, however devotees and tourists are free to make donations for their betterment and belief.

Budharaja Shiva Temple can be visited during timings 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM.