Kanjamalai Hill is a hill that is situated 14 kms west of Salem District in Tamil Nadu, India. It is estimated to be 1643 meters above sea level. From Salem, one can easily board a bus that will take you to Kanjamalai hill. Jeeps, small cars, and tourist rides can also be arranged for those who wish to travel in groups. All year round pilgrims make a trip to the hill and take dips in the holy streams nearby. It is believed to be a place where one can alleviate bodily sickness and achieve peace.

This wonderful location is a place of worship and a refuge for believers. It is a tranquil place with towering hillocks and marvelous greenery all about. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva situated at the top of the hills, as well as the Kalangi Nathar temple located at the foothills. One can meditate in the natural surroundings to feel the divine presence of all the believers who have come to the place for worship. Kanjamalai hills are rich in natural resources and are also known for their iron-ore content. This is another reason why the place is such an important location. There is also an iron-ore mine in the hill. The hills hold many great legends. One such legend involves the Kanjamalai Siddhar. It revolves around a devotee of Lord Shiva who attained the status of a Siddhar, through penance, in Kanjamalai. The other legend is about the healing properties of Kanjamalai. In this legend, a yogi and his disciple chanced upon healing herbs, in the hills, that allowed them to retain a youthful form. It is due to this legend that people have paid more attention to the flora and fauna of the region.

Visitors come to the hills throughout the year, but the monsoons are a tourist-favorite time to experience the place. There is lush greenery, open expanses, gorgeous temples for pilgrims to meditate in, engage in prayer, and to perform acts of worship. It is also well known for the herbs, with their potential of providing miraculous cures. There are around 35 plants on the hillside that are known for their medicinal uses. They can provide relief to people who are asthmatic, those who have malaria, snake bites, diabetes, and inflammation of the body.

This location is open to any anybody who wishes to enjoy its beauty. You can also pay a visit to the Siddhar temple on the hill, and the Murugan temple that is at a short distance. There are no rigid visiting timings for Kanjamalai Hills, the best time for visiting is in the morning. This is when many devotees are present and you can really take in the holy atmosphere. When you visit Salem and have a few hours at hand, you definitely should take a detour to the Kanjamalai Hills.