Salem is a city on the Thirumanimuthar River, in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Surrounded by hills, Salem is also a part of the Kongu Nadu region. Salem is at the base of the renowned tourist destination of Yercaud hills, which offers breathtaking views both along the ride up the hill and from the peak. There are also remote sites of beauty such as Kiliyur Falls.The city is surrounded by a natural amphitheatre of hills formed by the Nagaramalai to the north, the Jeragamalai to the south, the Kanjanamalai to the west, and Godumalai to the east.

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The 1008 Lingam Temple is a temple that was constructed as a part of the Vinayaka Mission in 2010. It is remarkably built and is located in Ariyanoor, a suburban area of Salem but around 13 kms away from the main city of Salem.

The 1008 Lingam Temple is massive and as is evident from the name, boasts of the presence of 1008 Shiva Lingams dwelling under its roof. At the foothill, there is a towering statue of Ganesha you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. The temple has what looks like a colonnade supported by bell-shaped roofs stretching upward to the top of the hillock. These a...

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Arulmigu Alagirinathar Swamy Temple is an ancient temple located in Kottai in Salem, a serene religious hotspot. It is commonly known as Thirukoil Kottai Perumal or Kottai Perumal Koil. Arulmigu Alagirinathar Temple is located in the heart of Salem Fort, in the centre of Kottai, at a mere distance of 3 km south-east of the nearest bus-stand.

Arulmigu Alagirinathar Temple is administrated by Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department, Tamilnadu. The ancient sculptures of the temple is its best attraction. Arulmigu Alagirinathar Temple is surrounded by compound walls on all...

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Ayodhyapattanam, Salem
10 kms from Salem city limits

Ayodhyapattanam is an important suburban area in the district of Salem, about 10 kms east of it.

The name, as it suggests, has been derived from the name of a prominent location in Hindu mythology, called Ayodhya,the city from where Lord Rama is said to have his origins. Legend has it that Lord Rama stayed here when en route to Sri Lanka towards the conclusion of his war with Ravana. The temples in Ayodhyapattanam enhance its mythological and historical significance.

The Kothandarama temple is particularly famous as it shows the deity in a sitting posture, which is a rare s...

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Botanical Garden, Salem
2.5 kms from Salem city limits

Situated at a distance of 2. 5 kms away from Yercaud Bus Stand, the Botanical Garden is in Salem district. It is located in Lady's Seat road which is 3km away from Yercaud Lake. It is managed by the southern circle of Botanical Survey of India, Botanical Garden is one of the top attractions in Yercaud. It is located at a distance of 30 kms from Salem.

A home for many fascinating and exotic species of flowers and plants, the Botanical Garden is a "must-go-place" to visit in Yercaud. The Botanical Garden is divided into different sections like bonsai garden, foliage garden, herbal...

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The Ellai Pedari Amman Temple is famous for a basket mix of reasons. Situated near the Government Arts and Science College in Maravaneri, in the very heart of Salem, this architectural marvel is doused in history and culture. This is a massively popular tourist attraction; drawing in people from the furthest recesses of the globe to come bow their heads in unanimous piety and devotion. The extraordinary layout of the temple, the pillared alleys, the steeple spires, the windows of different hues, the fragrance of incense and the sound of the bells tolling all combine to form a treat for the sen...

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Government Museum is an old museum in Salem, Tamil Nadu. It is a vast place with many archaeological artifacts and historical objects, from the Salem region, dating back to ancient times. It is just 2 kilometers away from Salem’s city center and one can take a bus to reach there. On a bike or by car it will only take fifteen minutes to reach the museum.

Salem's museum was constructed in 1979 and has been a huge historical attraction since then. It was shifted from the heart of the city to Saradha College Road following the expansion of the Government Medical College Hospital. ...

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Holy Trinity Church is a renowned church Anglican Church located in Yercaud, Salem District, Tamil Nadu. The Holy Trinity Church was built in 1834 and after a damaging accident had to be rebuilt in 1853. The Church is known for being the resting place of Robert Bruce Foote, (1834- 1912), a British Archaeologist and geologist who is considered as the 'Father of Indian Pre-history' along with a memorial to him. It is located at distance of around 29 Kms from Salem.

The Holy Trinity Church has been constructed on a hillock and is more than one and a half century old. The Church offers a...

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9 kms from Salem city limits

Nuzzled around 9 kms away from the city of Salem is the centre of ISKCON- the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, or commonly known as the Hare Krishna movement. Founded in 1966 by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in New York City, this movement has not been on the global stage for even 50 years, and yet it’s rise to popularity has been swift and unprecedented. In just a fleck of time, this has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon; consisting of a million congregational members, thousands of temples, a plethora of community projects and over 500 major centres. As mentioned, one su...

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Jama Masjid is a much venerated mosque located in the heart of Salem. It is ensconced in the banks of the Thirumanimutharu river along Bazaar Street which is only around 5 kms from the main parts of Salem.

It was around 300 years ago that the great Tipu Sultan built this astounding structure. He was also reputed to have laid its first brick and offered his prayers here. Despite the Jama Masjid's rich architecture and deep cultural history, it emanates a gentle and otherworldly calm that pervades the entire atmosphere in its vicinity. There is no remarkable stateliness or any lavish b...

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Jarugumalai Reserved Forest is a national forest to the south of Salem district in Tamil Nadu, India. It is 35 kms away from Salem. One can reach the reserve by bike or by car which will take an hour minimum. The forest is elevated at 2,648 feet above sea level. There are two small tribal villages Melur and Keelur situated nearby in the hills. Due to its remote location, it has taken 60 years for electricity to reach Jarugumalai after independence. There has also been a lot of neglect in terms of resources provided for the upkeep of the area.

The Salem Forest is a part of the 22...

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Kailasanathar Temple is located in Kanchipuram, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known for its Historical Importance. The Holy place is situated on the banks of the Vegavathy river, facing towards the east. Many other Temples are also situated in the close proximity. It is located at a distance of 30 kms from Salem Junction and can be easily reached via train, car or bus.

Kailasanathar Temple is the oldest Temple in Kanchipuram. It is one of the nine Shaiva Kshetras (temples) of Kanchipuram, each representing one pl...

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The Dharaimangalam temple, more widely known as the Kalisanthar Temple in Tharamangalam is one of the oldest temples in the district of Salem. Tharamangalam lies 30 kms west of Salem and the temple is situated just opposite the bus stand, making it an hour's journey by road from the district of Salem.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the current structure of the temple is accredited to the 17th century Gatti Mudali dynasty. Being a 500 - 1000 years old creation, the temple speaks volumes about the temple architectural skill of Tamil Nadu. The devotees that visit the temple areknown to pray f...

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Kandaswamy Kovil, Salem
22 kms from Salem city limits

Kandaswamy Kovil, also known as 'Kalipatti' is a religious site in southern India. Founded by Pazhani Kavundar and built by Lakshmana Kavundar in the 18th century, it is situated on the Tiruchengode - Salem road, about 22 kms away from Salem.

Dedicated to Hindu deity Lord Murugan, it is one of the richest temples in whole of Salem. It is particularly famous for curing devotees by a mystical process that uses snake poison as an antidote. Beautiful and majestic, the temple is adored by sacred chariots called the Chithra Ther and the Vinayaka Ther which are pulled around the temple duri...

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The Kandhasramam Temple in Salem is a sacred and religious 500 year old site in the Salem city. The temple complex is located at a distance of 5 kms from the main city area.

Shantananda Swami, associated with the Avadhoota Dattatreya Sampradaya of Gujarath, was the follower and great disciple of Swayamprakasa. He also took active part in several activities related to philanthropy. This unique temple was planned in May 1968 by Om Shri Santhananda Swamigal. It is believed that Skanda came in the dream of Swamigal and ordered him to build a temple. Devotees sing Skanda Kavacham in pr...

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Kanjamalai Hill
14 kms from Salem city limits

Kanjamalai Hill is a hill that is situated 14 kms west of Salem District in Tamil Nadu, India. It is estimated to be 1643 meters above sea level. From Salem, one can easily board a bus that will take you to Kanjamalai hill. Jeeps, small cars, and tourist rides can also be arranged for those who wish to travel in groups. All year round pilgrims make a trip to the hill and take dips in the holy streams nearby. It is believed to be a place where one can alleviate bodily sickness and achieve peace.

This wonderful location is a place of worship and a refuge for believers. It is a tra...

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Kiliyur Falls
31 kms from Salem city limits

At a distance of just 31 kms from the city of Salem, the Kiliyur Fall serves as one of the prime tourist attractions in Yercaud Hills which is a hill station in Salem district. It is a waterfall in the Shevaroyan Hill range on the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu which has got the waters of the Shevaroy Hills and the Yercaud River. Overflowing into the Kiliyur Valley located at a depth of 91m, the waterfall forms an astounding view to the visitors.

Kiliyur Falls is surrounded by lush plantations and the refreshing mountain air leaves the visitors rejuvenated. During the monsoons, wh...

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The Kottai Mariamman Temple is one of the oldest pilgrimage centers of Salem City situated on the banks of River Tirumanimuthar, in the heart of the city. The managing divinity of this sanctuary is Goddess Kottai Mariamman. It was worked amid the time of Chera lords, as the present Salem locale at that point had a place with Chera Nadu. The Mariamman Temple, known as Kottai Periya Mari was the watchman god of Salem Fort amid the Pre-British period. Any individual who needs to have darshan of the symbol needs to first twist and bow down before entering the sanctum sanctorum.

This is p...

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The Kurumpapatti Zoological Park is a miniature zoological park located at a distance of around 6 kms away from Salem. It lies in the foothills of the Shervaroyan Hills and is quite a haven for a variety of flora and fauna.

The park came up in the year 1981 and was once a museum before turning into an 80 acre zoological park. It houses myriad wildlife species and is ringed by reserve forests and hillocks. There are around 37 animals which include the spotted deer, sambar deer, elephants, bisons, monkeys etc. and around 107 birds including the plum-headed parakeet, rose-ringed parakee...

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Manjakuttai View Point is situated at a distance of 7 km from Yercaud Town. Manjakuttai is a Village in Yercaud Block in Salem District of Tamil Nadu State, India. It is located 19 kms towards North from District headquarters Salem.

Manjakuttai view point is also known as the sunrise point. It owns astonishing views of encircling valleys and mountains. When sun rises from hills it looks beautiful. Below there is a blanket of cloud surrounded by fog and sun rising behind the hill. Quad Biking is also there on the open field. Though this viewpoint is less known to people as it is ...

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Mettur Dam
52.2 kms from Salem city limits

One of the largest dams in India is the Mettur Dam located at a distance of 52. 2 Kms from the Salem district of Tamil Nadu. Engineering marvel of the 20th century- Mettur dam was built in the year 1934 on the River Kaveri. It is named after the governor of Madras, Sir George Stanley who inaugurated this dam.

The largest reservoir of fishing in south India receives water from the river Kaveri. Mettur Dam also known as the Stanley Reservoir has the height and width as 214 and 171 feet respectively. This dam was designed by British architect Mr Ellis, and the project was supervised b...

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Oothumalai Hill
6 kms from Salem city limits

The Oothumalai hill in Salem is another hill with a cluster of Hindu temples and a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It lies about 6 kms away from Salem on the Seelanaickenpatti bypass road.

The major attraction of the region are the various temples that enhance the religios significance of the place and attract devotees and tourists in great numbers. An important one of these is Sri Balasubramaniar temple dedicated to Lord Muruga, which is famous for the portayal of the deity in a unique posture. Other attractions include the Shiva temple, where the wonderful engravings of Gods and Gode...

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Pagoda Point, Salem
29.5 kms from Salem city limits

Pagoda Point Yercaud or Pyramid Point of Yercaud get its name from the Four Pagoda(Tamil for Pyramid) shaped piles of rocks kept in the shape of a Pyramid, kept so by the Local tribes. A temple dedicated to Rama now lies in the plain between the Pagodas, lying on the Eastern Part of the Yercaud Hills the Pagoda Point offers a vantage point for some breathtaking views of the Salem town below. The 21 hairpin like turns which engulfs the hill is also visible from the Viewpoint located at the Pagoda Point, it is a classic setup for Photographers with a jawdropping backdrop of hills and a blanket o...

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Poiman Karadu
9 kms from Salem city limits

Situated on the Salem-Namakkal National Highway, Poiman Karadu is the name given to a hill top which offers an exquisite scenic view of the entire valley. It is one of the very few spots that provide with the opportunity to capture the beauty of the underlying Valley in all its glory. It is located at a distance of 9 kms the city of Salem and is very easy to reach.

An interesting feature of Poiman Karadu is that when viewed from a particular point that is a cave between the rocks which is situated on the nearby hill facing the location, on the east of plain, it gives a vivid app...

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Sankagiri Fort
38 kms from Salem city limits

Sankagiri Fort is an authentic stronghold kept up by the Archeological Survey of India. It is located at a distance of 38 kms from Salem. Sankagiri Fort was worked in the fifteenth century by the Vijayanagar Empire. It was later under the control of Dheeran Chinnamalai and Tippu Sultan before the British attached it to their domain. It has 14 fortress dividers based close by a slope and the last stage these dividers were worked by the British. The fortification filled in as a British assessment storeroom for Kongu Nadu, a locale including the areas of Salem, Erode, Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Namakk...

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Shevaroy Temple is a historic temple located at the third highest point (5326 feet) on the flat top of Shevaroy Hills in Yercaud which falls under the Salem District in Tamil Nadu. The temple stretches into a cave where believers come to worship Lord Servarayan and Goddess Kaveri. Lord Servarayan also worshipped as Lord Murugan is believed to be the God of Servarayan Hills and Goddess Kaveri is hailed as the Goddess of river Kaveri. It is believed that Goddess Kaveri is the Guardian to the surrounding villages, the residents gather to pay their respects, worship and pray for their well being a...

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Siddhar Temple, Salem
16 kms from Salem city limits

Kalangi Siddhar Temple is one of the 18 Tamil Siddha sanctuaries and is arranged at the foot of Kanja Malai. A few lasting wells, little stores, and cascades are available around this sanctuary; and it is said that the water of these wells has healing forces. It is a well-known destination for guests to the city to come in and investigate the religious sacredness of the city. Situated in a quiet place with including hillocks and brilliant greenery, legend has it that a staunch lover of Lord Shiva over the span of going by different sanctums of his Lord, at last, came here and accomplished the ...

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A drive along 2 kilometers enroute Attur from Udayapatti of the town of Salem takes one to the Skandasramam Murugan Temple. A comparatively newer addition to the Land of Temples, this one is known for its humongous idols and post-colonial architectural style. It is located at a distance of 11 kms from Salem city center.

Another temple encircling the presiding deities: Skanda and Ashtadasabhuja Mahalakshmi, alike Skandasramam is intermittent. Planned by Om Shri Santhananda Swamigal in May 1968, it was actualized in the form of a temple by name Skandasramam, preceded by the Maha Kumb...

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Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple is one of the major attractions for visitors in Yercaud. It is a beautiful temple of Sri Raja Rajeswari who is believed to be a form of Goddess Shakti, the Mother of All Beings and the Goddess of all Gods. The temple's location is ideal and the surroundings are calm and peaceful. It is about 4 kilometres away from Yercaud Bus stand, 3 kilometres away from Anna park (another main attraction of the hill station) and 3 km from Shevaroy Temple. Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple is located in a scenic valley near the main botanical garden on the way to Shevaroy Temple in Yercaud. ...

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Sri Ramar Temple, Salem
15 kms from Salem city limits

Standing in eternal solace, the Sri Ramar Temple, also known as the Sri Kodandapani Ramar Temple, has seen the rise and fall of many a kingdoms, from a distance of 15 kms from the city of Salem. One almost gets the feeling of time travel while entering the premises of this historical edifice.

Amidst the Land of Temples, the Sri Ramar Temple, not as tall as the Meenakshi or ornate as Tirupathi, stands out of all as it is said to bear Lord Shri Ram’s footprint. Destiny had played its role when Shri Ram was coroneted at this shrine, considering the auspicious time, and was re-coronete...

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The Sugavaneshwarar Temple in Salem is developed in commitment to Arulmigu Sugavaneshwarar, otherwise called Lord Shiva in the regular Hindu lingo. The fundamental divinity delineated in the sanctuary is Lord Shiva in the lingam frame. This religious site in Salem draws its criticalness from the lingam bit of the divinity, which is marginally inclining. The god additionally includes a little cut over the lingam. The 500-year-old Shiva temple, which carries the historical traces of the rulers of Cheras, Chozhas and Pandias of the yonder past and the Mysore dynasty with its imposing towers, magn...

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Yercaud Hills
29 kms from Salem city limits

Yercaud is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India, positioned in the Shevaroy Hills in northern part of Salem district, in Tamil Nadu at an altitude of 4970 ft. above the sea level. Due to its breath-taking scenic beauty and lush green hills, Yercaud is a great place to spend some quality time for the nature enthusiasts, teenagers, and family. Yercaud is situated at a distance of 29 kms uphill from Salem and can be reached by car or bus.

The hill station being rich in its flora and fauna is famous for its coffee plantations which is the prime crop with others like card...

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Yercaud Lake
29 kms from Salem city limits

Yercaud Lake, located at the heard of the Yercaud town and hill station, is a prominent tourist attraction in Yercaud and Salem. It is located at a distance of 29 kms from Salem city center. Providing stunning, panoramic views of the hills and lush green lawns of this hill station, this Lake also barges out as one of the most sought after destinations in Yercaud.

Yercaud Lake is well maintained and clean at all places, the lake with the hills in the backdrop make for some beautiful views. People interested in boating can opt for either motor boat, row boat or pedal boats. Row boats...