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1/4 Places to Visit in Saharanpur with food
Chhachhrauli Fort
48 kms from Saharanpur city limits

Chhachhrauli Fort is in ruins and is located in the tehsil of Chhachhrauli in the district of Yamuna Nagar in Haryana. It is located about 48 kms from the city of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

The Chhachhrauli Fort was built by the King of the Kalsia state and is currently in ruins. The State Department, State Treasury and Tosh-i-Khana were housed within the Fort earlier during the official meetings of the King of the Kalsia state. The Clock Tower still occupies a major presence in the area of the Fort. The Ravi Mahal and Janak Niwas are also located within the Fort. However, even wit...

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Company Garden is one of the oldest gardens dating back to 1750. It was once under the preserve of British East India Company and is also known as Saharanpur Botanical Gardens. Before that, it was a pleasure ground set by a local chief, Intazam ud-ullah. The name given to it back then was Farahat-Bakhsh. The name Company Gardens is a representative of its ancient owners – East India Company.

The Company Garden stands second, next to Culcutta Gardens for its contribution in development of science and economy in India. Due to this brilliantly established garden, Saharanpur becam...

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Pateshwar Temple, Saharanpur
Within Saharanpur city limits

Pateshwar Temple is located in the Bijopuri area of Saharanpur, about 2 kilometers away from the city itself.

The Pateshwar Temple in Bijopuri is an old temple. This ancient temple was built in dedication to Lord Shiva. The temple dedicated to the revered and pious Lord of the Hindu mythology attracts quite a large number of pilgrimage visitors every year, just like any other temple. Most of the people that come to the temple have several offerings for the Lord and they stand in long queues just to get a little glimpse of the idol. It is considered as an auspicious place in the Hindu...

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Shri Baba Lal Das is located in Dara Kottala in Uttar Pradesh. It is located about 3 kilometers from the city of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Shri Baba Lal Das is a religious destination located near Saharanpur. It was built in the honor of Baba Shri Lal Das, who performed his ‘tapasya’ here under the rule of Mughal ruler Dara Shikoh. The Baba was born in the town of Kaloor and is said to have his own guru, Shri Chetan Swami. After receiving education from Shri Chetan Swami, Baba Shri Lal Das came to Saharanpur to perform his meditation. The place that he meditated was situated along...