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Ghuggha Veer (Ghugghal), Saharanpur
4.9 kms from Saharanpur city limits

Located 4. 9 kms Southwest of Saharanpur region, Ghuggha Veer is one of the most revered shrines of the place. Ghuggha Veer is also famous by the name Jahar Deewan Guggha Peer. Another religious site which is a blissful exemplary to communal harmony and peace.

The miraculous shrine of Ghuggha Veer is said to have powers to fulfill the desires of each one who comes with a pure heart and strong faith. Both Hindus and Muslims, as well as people of diverse faiths and beliefs venerate Ghugga Veer as highly sacred and divine. Those in pain or seeking a child frequent the place to pay the...

2/2 Places to Visit in Saharanpur with Adventure

The Shakti Peeth of Shakumbhari is a beautiful Hindu pilgrimage dedicated to Shakumbhari Devi. Situated at a distance of 40 kms north from the city of Saharanpur, its history is not very clear. Though the temple is not very ancient but the devotees consider it to be a Shakti Peeth – a powerful seat of Shakti, the divine feminine.

The temple was constructed by the Pundir Rajputs under Rana Bahadur Singh Pundir. The plaque displayed near the staircase tells that a properly covered corridor connecting the entrance and outer verandah of the temple only during early 1960s. It was c...