Among the various tourist attractions in the city of Rourkela, Orissa is the Mandira Dam. Constructed somewhere around 1957, this dam is located at a distance of about 33 kms from the main city.

Mandira dam has been constructed by Hirakud Project Authority during 1957 – 1959 across river Sankh, a tributary of the Brahmani river. The earth dam is a zoned embankment of 426. 72 m length with gate-controlled spillway on right saddle. Maximum height of earth dam is 35. 38 m from the deepest foundation level. The dam is exclusively meant for the purpose of storing water for supply to the Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) located about 24 km downstream in river course.

At the Dam, there is a guest house for VIP visitors. A circular road connects the Guest Houses located at a considerable height with the main entrance where an officer issue permits to the visitor to enter the Dam area. The whole environment is highly refreshing. A beautiful garden on the dam site is another attraction for the visitors. There are boating facilities in the reservoir.

There are no specific timings mentioned for one to visit the Mandira Dam. However, it is advisable for tourists to visit the dam between dawn and dusk. There is no entry fee for a visit the dam.