Places around Rohtak with History

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1/5 Places to Visit in Rohtak with History
Asthal Bohar, Rohtak
7 kms from Rohtak city limits

Asthal Bohar is a renowned math of Rohtak and is very well known specially for the chunk of devotees coming up here. It is located at a distance of 7 kms to the east of Rohtak City and stands on the Rohtak-Delhi highway number 10.

The Asthal Bohar math is respected and followed by many people, it is mainly followed by the devotees of Saint Guru Gorakh Nath. The community which follows Saint Guru Gorakh Nath are the followers of Lord Shiva and follow the ethics and rituals of a true Shivbhakat. The fact about this place that bring almost all the tourists visiting here to an awe is t...

2/5 Places to Visit in Rohtak with History
Banni Khera Farms
12.7 kms from Rohtak city limits

Banni Khera farms, situated in the Samar Gopalpur village of Rohtak are the perfect place to experience the rural lifestyle without having to give up on luxury. The farm is situated at a distance of 30 minutes (12. 7 kms) from the Rohtak railway station and tourists can reach the farm by a private vehicle or by availing a cab service.

Spread over 10 acres of land, the Banni Khera farm house is a sustainable rural tourism project offering authentic and interactive rural life experience with Comfortable Stay, Farm Fresh Food and Eco friendly Activities for guests and also endeavor to...

3/5 Places to Visit in Rohtak with History

Durga Bhawan Mandir in Rohtak, is an excellent religious shrine present in Rhotak where mainly worship of Goddess Durga is done. It is located at a distance of 1 km from Rothak Railway Station.

Durga Bhawan Mandir is considered a holy place by the locals living nearby and is truly a place where utter devotion and love for Goddess Durga is seen. It is one of the oldest temples of Rohtak and is truly a place where some of the oldest constructions and architectures are available. The overall area covered by the temple is very huge and the surroundings as well as the infrastructure is ...

4/5 Places to Visit in Rohtak with History
Within Rohtak city limits

Khokrakot is a historic site - connected to many historical tales and events whose evidences are traced. This place is located at a distance of 2 km from Rohtak Railway Station.

The Khokrakot is a place which comes up with an ancient identity and is highly respected among the visitors. It is very famous among the people who are interested in archeological activities as one of these activities carried out in past were the evidence of the existence of a town below this region. This place has also been mentioned in the epic Mahabharat and Painted Grey Ware, a class of pottery associat...

5/5 Places to Visit in Rohtak with History

Meham town in Rohtak city is a beholder of one of the most ancient historical places in India. It comes up with ancient monuments and historic evidences with it. It is located at a distance of 30 kms to the west of Rohtak city, on Rohtak Hisar NH 10.

The Meham town was initially known as Mehamadabad and later it became famous as Meham. This place belongs to the era of Mahabharat and still exists with complete gratitude. This place is based on a small mountain like high place and is having an elevation of 214m. The present seen Meham is a fourth version of this place as it was destr...