Unipark which is located in Bhasa area of Kolkata city is well-known as Rajpur-Sonarpir's Favourite picnic spot. Unipark is located in the Diamond Harbour road of Bhasa region. It is about 20 kms far from the main city Rajpur-Sonarpur.

Unipark which is covered in an area of 3 acres of green land. It is the only stoppage for picnics as it can easily hosts 5 to 6 groups of picnic guests at a time in the park. It is not only the greenery which attracts the locals and tourists but it has also fruit orchids which are also covered in the mid-area of park which brings extra beauty to the Unipark. This park is more like a farmhouse and it has room facilities for at least 6 members to stay.

Unipark can be visited during timings 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Entry charges are INR 40. All facilities of drinking water and snacks are available here with reasonable prices.