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Eco Fresh Air Park is a public park and tourist spot in Tihuria, near Sonarpur, West Bengal. The park is located at a distance of 4 km from the Sonarpur railway station.

Eco Fresh Air Park is a sprawling area with a wide variety of flora spread across its landscaped gardens. The park is always blooming with seasonal flowers which add spots of colour all over. There is also a manmade lake located roughly at the centre of the property. A Buddhist pagoda-style structure stands in the middle of the lake. The park is a perfect destination for a picnic on a sunny day. Tourists can sit ba...

2/2 Places to Visit in Rajpur-Sonarpur within city
Rajpur Sonarpur Market
Within Rajpur-Sonarpur city limits

Rajpur-Sonarpur Market, also called as Rajpur-Sonarpur Municipality Complex is a busy place which is always loaded with ever visiting locals. Rajpur-Sonarpur Market is located about 3. 5 kilometres far from the main city Rajpur-Sonarpur.

This Rajpur-Sonarpur Market has many things available for buying. Since West Bengal is famous for street food and sweet dishes, this market welcomes each tourist and traveller with the many road side food stalls. There are different crafts and artworks are available for the culture-enthusiasts coming here to buy and take the traditional clothing of W...