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Rajpur Sonarpur Market
Within Rajpur-Sonarpur city limits

Rajpur-Sonarpur Market, also called as Rajpur-Sonarpur Municipality Complex is a busy place which is always loaded with ever visiting locals. Rajpur-Sonarpur Market is located about 3. 5 kilometres far from the main city Rajpur-Sonarpur.

This Rajpur-Sonarpur Market has many things available for buying. Since West Bengal is famous for street food and sweet dishes, this market welcomes each tourist and traveller with the many road side food stalls. There are different crafts and artworks are available for the culture-enthusiasts coming here to buy and take the traditional clothing of W...

2/2 Places to Visit in Rajpur-Sonarpur with history

South Park Street Cemetery is a historical site located in Kolkata of West Bengal. The South Park Street Cemetery is located about 15 kms from the main the city Rajpur-Sonarpur.

The South Park Street Cemetery was established in 1767 and it was one of the earliest non-church cemeteries in the world. It was one such large cemetery outside Europe and America. Initially it was a marshy area and it was used until 1830's. Today it is a heritage site and it is under the control of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

There is a marble plaque at the entrance gate which written...