Rajkot is a large, hectic commercial and industrial yet clean and is known for its rich historic and cultural heritage city of Gujarat. This city on the banks of river Aji was also the home to Gandhiji and it preserves its natural aura though the industrialization has taken over it, and is definately worth a visit in Gujarat.

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1/26 Places to Visit in Rajkot
Aji Dam Garden
8 kms from Rajkot city limits

Aji Dam Garden is situated downstream of the Aji dam located in Rajkot. Aji dam is built on river Aji, to supply water to the city of Rajkotand is at a distance of 8 kms from Rajkot and takes about 10-15 minutes to reach there from the heart of the city.

Aji dam was completed in the year 1954. The Aji dam garden was developed later and is maintained by Rajkot Municipal Corporation. Aji Dam Garden is breathtakingly beautiful with reservoir and the mountains in the backdrop. The view of cascading water from the dam add to the glamour of the garden. It is surrounded by trees, flowering ...

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Analgadh hill station
42 kms from Rajkot city limits

Analgadh is a secluded small village in the city of Gondal at a distance of 42 kms from Rajkot city. It is located off the Gondal highway and is popular for its picture perfect environment and is a best place for photography. It is ideal for a short trip, picnic with friends and family.

Analgadh hill stop destination is little known and one of the least explored places due to its location which is quite not known to the people around. It is famous for an ancient fort and Kalaka Mataji Temple which are atop this small hilloc. It is isolated and uncrowded most of the times and the scen...

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BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is one of the most celebrated temples of all of Gujarat and the temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan. It is at a distance of 3 kms from Rajkot and takes about 9 minutes to reach there. This majestic beauty stands in the centre of the city attracting thousands of visitors.

The Swaminarayan temple was built during 1998 to 1999. It was remarkably built following Swaminarayan Sampradaya started by Bhagwan Swaminarayan, in the Vaishnava tradition of the Hindu religion. The Mandir consists of three shrines. The main temple is built using the ancient techni...

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Children's Traffic Park
Within Rajkot city limits

Children's Traffic Park or Bal Udyan is an initiative which revolves around imparting traffic education to kids in an exciting manner. The Bal udyan is located in Rajkot in the Race Course Grounds of Sadar Area right next to the famous Nehru Udyan and the fun world .

The Bal udyan in Rajkot has various activities for the kids, ranging from music classes to learning Karate from experts. The Children's Traffic Park is not just an attraction for children but also for adults. There is a large ground where joggers can walk in the morning and evening. There is a plethora of clubs, restau...

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Dwarkadhish Jagat Temple is one of the most majestic Hindu pilgrimage temples situated in the historic town of Dwarka, on the shores of the Arabian sea located at a distance of 225 kms away from Rajkot.

Dedicated to God Krishna, the Dwarkadhish Jagat Temple is one of the 'Chaar Dham' (divine abodes) in India. Lord Krishna shifted his capital to Dwarka due to the recurring attacks on Mathura by Jarasandha who wanted to avenge the death of his son in law, Kamsa. It is believed that the great temple was built by the great grandson of Lord Krishna, Vajranabhji.

The Dwarkadh...

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The Ghela Somnath Mahadev Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is surrounded by natural beauty, the temple is located in Jasdan town, on the banks of river Ghela, at a distance of 80 kms away from the Rajkot city.

The Ghela Somnath Mahadev Temple is a wonderful place of worship and sanctity. The temple not only features an appealing architecture but also a breathtaking chronicle about its creation. It is believed that when the historic Somnath Temple was invaded by the Mughal rulers, a local princess displayed immense fortitude by saving the Somnath 'shivaling...

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Ishwariya Park
7 kms from Rajkot city limits

Ishwariya Park is an eminent picnic spot and tourist attraction situated on the Jamnagar highway 7 kms away from the Rajkot city center. It was inaugurated in 2008 by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Scattered over an area of around 80 acres, the Ishwariya Park features a peaceful environment and lush green lawns. There are walking tracks for morning and evening walks providing a good place for people of all age groups. The park is decorated with statues of different animals like giraffe, snake, owl, monkey, rabbits etc. and is fun place for kids where they can get pleasure from...

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Ishwarya temple, Rajkot
8 kms from Rajkot city limits

Ishwariya Mahadev Temple as the name says, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated next to the Ishwariya Park in Rajkot city at a distance of 8 kms from the city center. This is one of the oldest Shiv temple located at outskirt of the Rajkot and the temple is popular for its 'Swayambhu' Shiva Lingam.

This temple is on the edge of a lush green trees and has very well maintained garden, ideal for family picnic or just sitting under open sky and fresh air. There is also lake(Ishwariya lake) in the garden with facility for boating, children play area and a golf course wit...

9/26 Places to Visit in Rajkot
10 kms from Rajkot city limits

ISKCON mandir located in the Radha Neelmadav Dham in Hare Krishna Land is a must visit attraction in Rajkot at a distance of 10 kms from the city center. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

The main attraction of the temple is the idol of Lord Krishna and Radha and hence the name Radha Neelmadav. ISKON temple is known for its architectural beauty and the intricate carvings on the marble add to the beauty of this temple. The ISKON rajkot temple has a goshala called Gopal Goshala. Everyone can visit this temple and there are lot of devotees in the near by cities who visit this t...

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Jubilee Garden, a lush green garden located in the heart of the city of Rajkot. It is a notable tourist attraction with many attractions in the park which are worth a visit.

Jubilee Garden stands out in the midst of the bustling city life and the hectic traffic of the city. The garden is considerably huge in area, exploring it will be a fun task. Adroned in greenery, with plants, bushes, and sturdy trees along the walkways, the garden is an ideal spot for nature lovers. It has been around since the 17th century, and has seen the rise and fall of many a dynasties and eras. There is ...

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Kaba Gandhi No Delo
Within Rajkot city limits

Kaba Gandhi No Delo, used to be Mahatma Gandhi's home until the year 1915 during his stay in Rajkot in the center of the city, which is turned to be a museum now, known by the name Gandhi Smriti.

Literal translation of 'Kaba Gandhi No Delo' is 'Kaba Gandhi's residence', it was named after Gandhiji's father, late Karamchand Gandhi, also known as Kaba Gandhi. This is the house where Mahatma Gandhi spent his early years at, when his father served as the Diwan to the King. The place played a very crucial part in Gandhi's formative years of life, including when he stayed in London and S...

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Khambhalida Buddhist Caves series of ancient buddhist caves discovered in the year 1958. This heritage site dates back to 1800(4th to 5th century) years ago and is located in a tranquil environment at a distance of 65 kms from the city of Rajkot.

These caves are maintained by the Archaeology Department of the state of Gujarat. They are located on the banks of a water spring, at the base of mountains, and thus provide a beautiful view in addition to the scenic caves. These caves were carved out of the huge limestone rocks and has intricate designs and sculptures. There are various a...

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Lal Pari Lake, Rajkot
5 kms from Rajkot city limits

Lal Pari Lake, a picturesque natural lake and a popular recreational spot is located at a distance of 5 kms in the outskirts of the Rajkot city and is known for its ambient atmosphere surrounding it.

The lake is known for attracting various kinds of migratory birds to its front. Few of these birds are the Rosy Pastor- a small, pink bodied bird with orange legs, Purple Moorhen a hen-sized bird with a purple body, a red beak and legs, the Black tailed Godwit- a big bird with a long bill and legs, Spoonbills- with a peculiar bill that is long, flat and wider at the end, Wigeon, common...

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Nyari Dam, Rajkot
13 kms from Rajkot city limits

Nyari Dam, a majestic architectural dam built as a reservoir to store water is located at a distance of approximately 13 kms form Rajkot in the outskirts of the city.

Nayri dam is known for its luch green garden spread across 5 acres at the entrance with the picturesque background of the reservoir makes it an ideal weekend getaway in the city. It is quite an unusual destination to plan a trip for and most probably not one that comes to mind when one thinks of going out to some place after taking time out of their usual schedule. Don't let that stop you! You never know what experien...

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Osam Hill, Rajkot
109 kms from Rajkot city limits

Osam Hill, is a place with historical and piligrimage values is located at a distance of 109 kms from the city of Rajkot in Patanvav.

Osam hills is in Patanvav, a village in Rajkot. According to the history, this is where the Pandavas stayed at during their exile. 'Fort of Pandavas' is located on the top of the hill, however, all that is left now of the fort are the ruins. Another legend surrounding this place says that this is where Bhima met Hidimbi, all of these things certainly add to the charm of the hill. The area is surrounded by greenery everywhere, from small bushes to tal...

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Panchnath Mahadev Temple
2 kms from Rajkot city limits

Panchnath Mahadev Temple is a temple located at Panchnath Plot 2 kms away from Rajkot city center and is dedicated to Lord Shiva the God of Gods.

Panchnath Mahadev temple was founded in the year 1933, and is the oldest temple in the city of Rajkot. The temple is created with extraordinary architecture and beautiful amenities. The entire temple is constructed in marble stone reflecting marvelous white color tone of whole structure. The place is visited by thousands of people on daily basis. Tourists visit this place for it's rich and vivid heritage.

The temple runs activ...

17/26 Places to Visit in Rajkot
Pradyuman Zoological Park
5 kms from Rajkot city limits

Pradyuman Zoological Park is located at a distance of approximately 5 kms away from Rajkot city center. This park is also called as the Pradyuman/Rajkot Prani Sangrahalaya and this zoological park is spread over an area of 137 acres.

Pradyuman Park is a place which is a habitat for various rare animals and birds. This park is known as one of the best picnic spots in Rajkot. This park is located in a natural habitat touching Lake Lalpari and Randarda Lake. Tourists visit this place which is rich with flora and fauna, it has more than thirty five thousand trees. Lions of Gir, leopard...

18/26 Places to Visit in Rajkot
Prem Mandir
6 kms from Rajkot city limits

Prem Mandir, the 'Temple of love' is a cathedral of the Syro-Malabar Catholic rite in Rajkot, it is also known as The Sacred Heart Cathedral. The cathedral is dedicated to Sacred Heart of Jesus and it is located at a distance of 6 kms from the heart of the Rajkot city.

The cathedral is an architectural marvel which resembles traditional Indian temples of various religions rather than a church. It has domes and a pinnacle, and its arches and granite carvings are inspired by Indian mosques. An oriental-style cross on a lotus flower stands atop the main dome and there is a mosaic of J...

19/26 Places to Visit in Rajkot
Race Course Grounds
2 kms from Rajkot city limits

Race Course is a ground located at Race Course Ring Road at a distance of approximately 2 kms away from the heart of the Rajkot city. This race course course ground is popular for the diversity of recretional and athletic events and sprots conducted in it.

Race Course is popular hangout place where people from across the city come to spend some leisure time. Race Course Grounds hosts some of the renowned national and international business events every year. The ground has a well maintained green lawn and several walking trails that keep the place flocked by people. During the twil...

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Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary
56 kms from Rajkot city limits

The Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary is a compact woodland located at a distance of 56 kms from Rajkot city near Jodhpar. It is selcted to be alternate place for asiatice lion and breeding center.

The area was managed as a grassland capable of producing 440 tons of grass annually. The sanctuary has plain terrain in the middle with hillocks at the periphery and an undulating terrain in between. The shrubby land interspersed with patches of grasses, harbours large number of species of plants, birds and mammals. The sanctuary is an important area for the preservation of over 280 species of pl...

21/26 Places to Visit in Rajkot
Randarda Lake
5 kms from Rajkot city limits

Randarda Lake,and abode of the birds in Rajkot is located at a distance of 5 kms from city centre. It is a paradise and a natural habitat on the out skirts of the city for the migratory and the regional birds and is quite popular bird watching venue.

This 100 year old lake is home to many indigenous birds. Some of the species found here include black tailed godwit, rosy pastor, etc. Randarda Lake has turned into a bird watchers paradise with a large number of migratory and rare birds arriving at the water body. This natural lake with shallow water is located near Rajkot Municipal Cor...

22/26 Places to Visit in Rajkot
Rotary Dolls Museum
2 kms from Rajkot city limits

The Rotary Dolls Museum, an unique museum gives an overview to the culture and traditions of the world at large through a medium of dolls. The Rotary Clubs across the world have generously donated these Dolls to the Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown. This provides the visitors a chance to get the glimpse of the cultural and tradition across the world under single roof.

The museum is one of its kind in the country and was established in 2001. The museum houses dolls replica of human beings, Indian ethnic culture, traditions and family values. The dolls and the toys are exhibited in a them...

23/26 Places to Visit in Rajkot
Science Museum, Rajkot
2 kms from Rajkot city limits

Science Museum also known as Regional Community Science Center and is located next to Bal udyan in Race course grounds of Rajkot at a distance of 2 kms from the city centre. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in the city.

In order to strengthen the efforts to popularize the science and technology among the society, Government of Gujarat has decided to established this museum. More than 60 projects related to the field of science are presented here. It follows 'Prayog' concept of science learning and teaching through hands on activities. The museum has Aryabhatt Science M...

24/26 Places to Visit in Rajkot

Shri Ramakrishna Ashram named after Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is located at Doctor Yagnik road of Rajkot at just 2 kms away from centre of city.

Ramakrishna Ashram was built in 19th century with a purpose to evoke vedic philosophy and principles among the people of India. The architecture of the ashram is inspired by the different notable monuments of India like the main gate is modified version of Ajanta caves entrance, Chaitya of Karli Caves in Naat Mandir and Rajputana style chhatris of Gopurams, the beautiful railing surrounding the temple depecting the massive stone fences...

25/26 Places to Visit in Rajkot
Shri Ranchhoddas Ashram, Rajkot
2 kms from Rajkot city limits

Shri Ranchhoddas Ashram known for its simplicity and humanitarian activities along with meditation is located at Kuvadava road in Rajkot at just 2 kms from the centre of the city.

This ashram is founded by Shri Ranchhoddas ji Bapu in 1946 witht the gurumantra 'Service to mankind is service to God'. The ashram is pious in religious activities with the Gurumantra regardless of the disciples of the ashram. This ashram is run by Shree Sadguru Sadan Trust, through it's varied charitable activities stands tall today.

This ashram is involved in several humanitarian and spiri...

26/26 Places to Visit in Rajkot

Watson Museum located amidst the serene Jubliee gardens in Rajkot in a majestic building and is known for its rich cultural and historic artifacts. This is one of the oldest and the largest museums of Gujarat.

Watson Museum is named after Colonel James Watson, who was a political agent of Saurashtra. He initiated citations and gave suggestions on the artifacts related to the royal families in that region. The entrance of the Watson Museum and Library in Rajkot is well decorated with statues of majestic lions on both the sides of the enterance.

The collection holds pai...