St. Andrew's Church is a historic Catholic Church located in the Reddiarpalayam Area of Puducherry. Pondicherry being a French settlement is famous for its churches and cathedrals, St. Andrew's Church is one of the oldest churches in the area which was built in 1745 in Gothic architecture. It was built by the longest serving dubash of the French East India Company, Kanakaraya Mudali. St. Andrew's Church is located within Puducherry city limits.

St. Andrew's Church is a prominent landmark of Puducherry. St. Andrew's is a present day working church with daily services and hourly prayers. The church follows Roman Catholic sect of Christianity. It is said to be a one of a kind church recorded in the history of South India, as when the church first opened, Mudali hosted a feast that included all religions and castes. St. Andrew's Church is also the first church to have an inscription made in Tamil in the history of South India. The altar has conventional Catholic images. There are plaques of Our Lady and St. Andrew in the glass chambers on either side of the altar facing the devotees. There is also a statue of Kanakaraya Mudali over his tomb in the precincts of the church.

The church hosts special events as well. There is a feast of the church for eight days during Christmas season. There Is flag hoisting staring from January 24 and ending on January 2. Mass is performed every day at St. Andrew's. All the religious activities are performed by an archbishop and two parish priests.

Mass is performed in the church at 5 AM, 6 AM, and 5 PM on all days of the week. Visitors can visit St. Andrew's Church during timings 5:00 AM - 6:00 PM.