Serenity beach on the east coast of Tamil Nadu in Puducherry is one of the least known beaches facing the Bay of Bengal. Just as the name suggests, serenity beach stands out to be calm and peaceful, taking one to the state of tranquillity. It is perfect for outdoor activities, or to lay on those silky sands. It is around 10 kms from the north of the Puducherry town

Long stretches of golden sand spread over the serenity beach, sparkling azure blue waters offer a delightful view. The warm waters and smooth sands are perfect for a relaxing day. It is one of the easily accessible beaches of Puducherry on the East Coast Road. Fishing boats that are docked on the shore offer a picture-perfect frame. Those twinkling waters are best witnessed during the sunrise and sunsets which are not be missed. It is uncrowded most of the time and frees from any sort of commercial activities, allowing oneself to replenish with fresh energy and good vibes.

While the seemingly endless walks on the beach are a norm, surfing is now gaining popularity at the Serenity Beach. Serenity Beach's high tides make surfing very popular here. Surfers, both beginners, and professionals are often seen surfing in the morning hours. Along with surfing, serenity beach is also a go-to place for beach volleyball or for a swim in the sea. A surf school, a weekend flea bazaar and the cafe are sure to engage visitros on their visit to Serenity Beach. Being located in a tropical region, the summers are hot and humid. Thus, winter months the best time to visit. Time spent by visitors vary from few hours in the early morning and may extend throughout the day with various fulfilling activities.

The pristine beach is a perfect for a family outing or for a weekend trip with friends. Serenity beach is also pet-friendly which is an added advantage. Serenity Beach is open on all days and can be visiting during timings 5:30 AM - 6:30 PM.