Eglise de notre Dame Des Anges, meaning the Church of Our Lady Of Angels, is the fourth oldest church in Pondicherry. The Church of Our Lady of Angels is one of the popular attractions in Pondicherry. It is at a distance of 3 kilometres from the Pondicherry Bus station. It is one of the historical landmarks of Pondicherry and is firmly embodied in the history of the Pondicherry city.

The Church was built in 1865 by the French Emperor Napolean III with the architect being Louis Guerre. Church of Our Lady Of Angels is Greco-Roman in its features. It is believed to be based off Notre Dame de Paris in Paris and the Basilica at Lourdes. The masonry is done using the fine limestone, mixed with white part of the egg, giving it a texture that looks like a white marble. Two inscriptions in Latin can be seen on the facade. There are two large columns and a central dome with eight circular openings. The two pillars were originally used to house the clocks that struck every two hours with the singing of Ave Maria. In front of the church is a statue of Mary with infant Jesus in her arms. A marble statue of the heroic French warrior Joan of Arc is placed in the middle of a garden. There is also a cemetery next to the church. The bells inside the church are believed to have been procured from France.

Church of Our Lady Of Angels is also famous for its rare oil painting of Our Lady of the Assumption, which was a gift from the French Emperor, Napoleon III. It is the only church that offers mass in three languages namely French, Tamil and English. The Grand Marian Procession is the annual event organized in the church. From 2009-2012, the church of Our Lady of Angels was under a major renovation programme led by the Association of Friends of Pondicherry Heritage, that gave the edifice back its lustre. The exterior and the interior of the building were completely repainted.

Visitors usually spend about an hour inside the church. There is no entry fee. Visitors can visit Church of Our Lady Of Angels during timings 9. 00 AM - 7. 00 PM on weekdays, 9. 00 AM - 7. 00 PM on Saturdays and on Sundays from 9. 00 AM - 12. 00 PM. The interior of the church is luminous, and presents a contrast between the brightness of the aisles.