The Lakshman Jhoola in the city of Patiala is a suspension bridge between Sheesh Mahal and Banasar Ghar. The bridge is a popular tourist attraction because of its swinging motion across the water and the scenic views that surround it. The Lakshman Jhoola is situated in the city itself.

This swinging bridge is very similar and almost a replica of the infamous Lakshman Jhoola in the city of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. This resemblance also gives avery tourist-y feel to it. The Lakshman Jhoola is built on a small artificial lake. The Sheesh Mahal is a beautiful palace of mirrors and the Banasar Ghar is a repository for stuffed animals. These two places are famous amongst tourists as well. The construction of the bridge is definitely commendable and worth looking at. It is very admirable, both by the eyes of an architect as well as a tourist. The Lakshman Jhoola looks grand and royal in its entirety.

At the Lakshman Jhoola, the swinging of the bridge makes it fun to cross, especially for the children. There is a museum, a medal gallery, an exhibition hall and various other places to look at inside the Sheesh Mahal and the Banasar Ghar. The breeze is addictive as you walk down the bridge and admire the water beneath you. It is bound to give you a good amount of peace. The best season to visit here would be between October to March when the weather is wonderfully pleasant. The construction can be admired from afar as well.

The Lakshman Jhoola has no entry fees as such and it is accessible at all times, except while maintenance. It is a famous tourist attraction in the city because of the bounce that it gives while crossing. This minimal amount of pleasure is significant enough for visitors who are looking for something new and quirky.