Kabuli Bagh Mosque is situated just 2 km away from the main city. After the first battle of Panipat between Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi, Babur came out winning the battle and to commemorate his victory over Ibrahim Lodhi, built fabulous Kabuli Bagh Mosque. So Kabuli bagh Mosque symbolizes the victory of Babur over his uncle Ibrahim Lodhi.

Kabuli bagh is a splendid piece of architecture showcasing the artistic design of Mughal architecture. It was built during the year 1526 just after the first battle of panipat. This mosque is in the middle of a small garden called the Kabuli Bagh and is under protection of the Archaeological Society of India. The stately mosque of Kabuli Bagh was built by Babur to celebrate his victory over Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi during the first battle of Panipat. The first Mughal monument in India, the impressive edifice is named after Babur's wife Mussammt Kabuli Begum which nestles cozily inside an enclosure.

The well built structure is enhanced by octagonal towers perched on its corners. The architecture of this monument is called as Timurid architecture which is close to central Asian typology. The gateway is placed on the north and is built of red sandstone bricks. The entrance is adorned by a lintel bracket opening, sheathed in a massive arch and the spandrels are also festooned with arched indentation, enclosed in rectangular panels. The main prayer hall is formed in a square shape with annexes on the sides, and the elevated frontage has been designed with separate panels plastered with lime. Each of the annexes has been divided into nine bays which are coronated with crescent shaped domes placed on low drums. Humayun, after defeating Salim Shah, added a masonry platform known as Chabutra-i-Fateh Mubarak. It bears an inscription dated 1527 AD that records the name of the king and other details about its builders.

This Mosque is visited regularly by the devotees who perform prayers at this place. Kabuli bagh Mosque is surrounded by beautiful four quarter gardens. The garden is beautifully designed and fringed by beautiful plants and trees. Its artistic design soothes the onlookers who feel complete peace of mind in this vicinity. Many tourists from all around the world come to this place to see the majestic architecture of Mughal Era and this is the first monument built by Babur who established Mughals in India. After that many monuments were built by Mughals but this monument always kept spiritual value to them in form of their first victory in India.

The mosque is visited all round the year with no fixed timings. Visitors generally spend about an hour to explore the majestic beauty of the place. The visit to the mosque helps unfold many historical facts.