Devi temple is located at Panipat city, Haryana. Devi temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The temple is very prominent in Panipat city and attracts a large number of tourists.

All Hindu Gods and Goddess idols are placed here along with a Yaga Shala in the temple. The temple has been beautifully re-built with good architecture which shows the beautiful image of Indian architecture. Devotees from India come here to have the blessings of the Goddess. It's believed that the temple was built in 18th century and the temple history is about 250 year old.

During 18th century, Marathas were ruling this area and once Sadashivrao Bhau, the Maratha warrior; leader of its troop came to this village. He stayed for two months with his troop while going for fight against Afghan invader Ahmed Shah Abdali. During his visit, he found deity of goddess near the tank and decided to build a temple around this deity. He renovated this place and build classy temple along with tank which is located in its vicinity. He had constructed this temple by infusing lot of modern techniques and facilities which existed at that time. It became a center of attraction since its re- inception by the Maratha fighter. It is believed that survivor of this battle got settled in this village and population of Marathas is equivalent to other people of the province Bhadar where Devi Mandir is positioned.

All Hindu festivals are celebrated in the Devi temple, on the occasion of Durga Pooja and Navrati, a special puja is organized in the temple. The temple is decorated with light and flowers during the Durga puja and Navrati festival. The temple's spiritual environment gives peace of mind and heart to the devotees.

The temple is visited all around the year during timings 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.