The Shaheed Smarak Noida is a memorial for martyrs and is located in Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Noida. The memorial is situated at a distance of approximately 3. 5 kms from Noida City Centre.

Shaheed Smarak Noida memorial was built in honour of the soldiers who sacrificed their life for the nation and their families who are residing in Noida. The Shaheed Smarak is a famous landmark of Noida and a place which is worthy to visit. Vintage AD guns are placed at the entry point of the memorial. The memorial is built in hexagonal shape and has wide pathways for walking. From the entry gate, a cherry-red coloured and 25 feet high cenotaph could be seen which could be reached following a pathway. The cenotaph is in triangular shape and is directing towards sky to tell that the martyrs went directly to the heaven. Names of martyrs and their families is inscribed on the cenotaph. The pathway leading to the cenotaph from the entry gate is beautifully decorated by small and medium sized plants on both sides. The landscape of the memorial is well maintained and is covered with Doob grass which is a feast to watch and is surrounded by trees and plants. At several points inside the memorial, models of various weapons, micelles, guns, tanks, fighter planes, which is used during wars are placed and give a chance to have a close look at them for the visitors. Along with this, Indian National Flag and flags of three defence forces; Army, Navy and Air Force is placed in order to pay homage to the martyrs.

Events, programs and flag hosting is done on Republic Day and Independence Day every year. The memorial welcomes everyone who feels proud to be an Indian and provide a way to pay homage to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order to defend the country. Photography is also allowed at Shaheed Smarak Noida.

Shaheed Smarak Noida doesn't follow any timings and there are no entry fees.