The Botanic Garden of Indian Republic famously known as Botanical Garden is situated in Gautam Buddha Nagar of Noida. The Botanical Garden is situated at a distance of approximately 4 kms from Noida City Centre. The Botanical Garden has got the metro connectivity as well having its own metro station, named Botanical Garden Metro Station.

The Botanic Garden of Indian Republic is a very prominent destination in Noida. The Botanical Garden was made open for public in the year 1997 and is spread over 163. 79 acres with a green and beautiful large landscape. The Botanical Garden is the home for various endangered species of plants and about 10,500 plants of around 900 species has been conserved here. These plants are brought from different corners of the country. The garden is divided into several sections like Economic Plant section, Green belt or Woodland, Cactus, Fruit, Medicinal Plant and Water bodies. The Botanical garden also features a seed bank in which around 269 plant seeds has been conserved including Geodorum Appendiculatum Griff. Water bodies of this garden acts as the home for various water plants. Some of the water plants available at the garden are Victoria Amazonica, Nelumbo Nucifera Geartn and many more. One of the major centre of attraction in the garden is 'The Map of India'. The map is made by live water flowers of Red, Blue, Purple, White and Yellow colour. The Botanical garden also features various facilities like Herbarium, Arboretum, Seed bank, Plants Catalogue. Due to being surrounded by various plants and trees, the surrounding of the garden remains very peaceful and pollution free.

The Botanical Garden conducts various exhibition, courses for school and college students and for general people throughout the year. The garden also has an education centre which conducts lectures and public talks. The garden is loved by nature and plants lovers and provides a way of being close to the nature. The garden is best visited in the morning if you wish to enjoy the beauty of bloomed flowers.

Visitors could visit the Botanic Garden of Indian Republic during the timings 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM. There are no entry fees.